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2019 Bollywood Movies That Will Make You Fall Asleep In No Time

In our last post, we discussed how Hollywood decided to make some of its dullest movies this year. How could Bollywood stay behind, right?

2019 also saw some terrible Hindi movies that turned viewers into sleepers.

Here are five such Bollywood flicks, the worst Bollywood movies of 2019. These unknowingly helped Wakefit’s mission of uninterrupted sleep!

Worst Bollywood movies of 2019

  1. Total Dhamaal

Expect no dhammal while watching this corny, unoriginal, and crass movie. What can you expect then? Snores, that too plenty of them!

This movie is neither funny nor does it make any sense. The fact that so many brilliant actors are on this ship could not help it from sinking.

This was the comeback of the famous ’90s screen couple Madhuri Dixit, the Dhak Dhak girl, and Anil Kapoor, the 1-2 ka 4 guy. Alas, this movie did not do them justice either.

But if you are a sleep lover, then this movie is made keeping you in mind. Don’t trust us? Catch it once it is on TV!

  1. Saaho

This is one movie you must not Saaho if you are looking for action-packed entertainment. But if your goal is sleep, then Saaho will deliver. An unbearable movie if you decide to watch it, a lullaby for those who have not slept in years.

Three hours of complete rest, anybody? This is your movie to bet on!

  1. Kalank

With a constellation of stars like Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Sonakshi Sinha, Aditya Roy Kapur, Madhuri Dixit, and Sanjay Dutt, this movie will remind you of a time when you used to sleep under the stars. The movie is so disappointing that your brain will switch off in no time and you will be napping even before you realize it.

Statutory Warning: If you are a fashion enthusiast, then this movie may hinder your sleep since the movie is a fashion fiesta.

  1. Arjun Patiala

The jokes in this movie fall flat, and so will you! Diljit Singh Dosanjh is working hard to make a mark in Bollywood after the super hit movie Udta Punjab. However, luck has not been on the poor fellow’s side. The movie struggles to entertain you, but you won’t have any trouble getting what you need: Good rest!

  1. Rangeela Raja

Yes, such a move exists, and it stars none other than our loved and lovable Chi Chi, aka Govinda! However, even Govinda with his contagious dancing movies and infectious smile could not save this film.

But this film will save you from stress and give you the afternoon slumber you have been craving for quite some time now.

How many of these movies have you watched? Did you sleep well in the theater or did you stress about the money you wasted on these flicks?

If you haven’t watched these worst Bollywood movies of 2019 yet, be sure to catch them on TV. Anywhere is a good place to pay off that sleep debt!

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