Maternity Pillow (C Shape) & Nursing Pillow Combo | For Pregnancy and Baby Feeding | Soft & Machine Washable Velvet Cover | Dark Blue

C Shape, Velvet, Dark Blue

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Shop The Wakefit Combo Pregnancy Pillow and Nursing Pillow Online

The Wakefit Combo Pregnancy Pillow and Nursing Pillow is a set of two pillows designed to provide comfort and support during pregnancy and after childbirth. This combo includes a pregnancy pillow and a baby feeding pillow, both of which are available for purchase online. The baby feeding pillow included in this combo is specifically designed to assist mothers during the breastfeeding process. It is designed to provide support to the baby and the mother's arms, making breastfeeding more comfortable and relaxed. The pillow is made of soft and breathable materials, ensuring the baby's comfort during feeding sessions. The feeding pillow also helps maintain a proper feeding position, reducing strain on the mother's back, neck, and shoulders.

Find Different Shapes Of Pregnancy Pillow Online At Wakefit

C-shaped Pregnancy Pillow

: The pregnancy pillow is specially designed to offer support to pregnant women while they sleep or rest. It has a unique C-shaped design that contours to the natural curves of the body, providing support to the head, neck, back, and hips. This helps alleviate pressure and discomfort in these areas, allowing pregnant women to sleep better and reduce the strain on their bodies. The pregnancy pillow also promotes proper spinal alignment and can be used for various positions, including side sleeping, which is often recommended during pregnancy.

U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow

:The Wakefit U shaped full body pregnancy pillow online will help you unwind instantly. The horseshoe shaped head allows you to attain the position and height that is just right for you. The extra long midsection of this pregnancy pillow online is the perfect width for your back or tummy. The pregnancy pillow online also has a slightly curved end that fits snugly between the knees. You need a maternity pillow that keeps you cool and comfortable all night long. Our U shaped maternity pillow helps align your spine and significantly reduces back pain. Our maternity pillow helps improve blood circulation and releases your body pressure, effectively relieves hip pain and leg swelling.

Bring Home Wakefit’s Combo Baby Nursing Pillow and Maternity Pillow

Filled with 200 GSM hollow fibre, this lightweight baby feeding pillow online is a must-have. A perfect feeding pillow for mom, it works for multiple feeding styles cradle, cross cradle, football hold, and bottle feeding. This baby nursing pillow will become a part of your daily routine as it guarantees comfort. Don’t worry about making a mess! Feeding babies is not easy and can often get messy, which is why our baby feeding pillow online is easy to wash. Both the cover and the baby nursing pillow are machine washable. Wakefit’s pregnancy pillow Combo online is designed to have an extra-long midsection that takes care of your back and tummy, no matter what position you choose to sleep in. With this Maternity Pillow, you will be comfortable all night long. When you are expecting, sleeping positions can be concerning, but with the Wakefit maternity pillow, you won’t have to worry anymore. Our pregnancy pillow online helps to align your spine and promotes easier breathing and better blood circulation. Stress and back pain relief along with muscle relaxation? Why choose other options when you can get all of this in one? With the Wakefit full body pillows, the advantages are just too many. Its ergonomic design hugs your entire body from both sides, replacing the need for multiple pillows.

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