SnoozePro Sofa Set (3+1+1)

Regular, 3 Seater + 1 Seater + 1 Seater, Smoke Grey


₹45,497   MRP ₹62,290  (27% off) (Incl of all taxes)


Checkout Wakefit's SnoozePro Sofa Set Online

Finding the perfect sofa set online for your home is quite a challenge. If you've been looking for sofas but are not able to find the one you like at the price you like it at, we would suggest that you check out the wooden sofa set online here at wakefit.co. Our SnoozePro Sofa, with hiqh quality polyfibre filled lumbar cushions, promises to be the most comfortable and the most stylish sofa you have ever owned. This sofa's structure is made from termite resistant neem wood, which is strong, sturdy and durable. Raised legs give the sofa a sophisticated and elegant look and provide you with the option of easy cleaning underneath as well as the option of decorating it with rugs.The SnoozePro sofa is one of our most stylish sofa designs and the best part is that it comes with the option of a sectional seating arrangement. You can go in for a SnoozePro Single 3 seater sofa set, SnoozePro 2 seater sofa or SnoozePro single seater sofa or a SnoozePro 3 seater with a left aligned or a right aligned sectional sofa. With so much style and a whole lot of comfort, SnoozePro sofa will prove to be the ideal living room companion in your home.

Explore Wakefit's SnoozePro Modern Sofa Set Design

The SnoozePro Sofa set online has higher legs that offer an elegant look to any living room in which it is placed. The Napper and SnoozePro variants of our sofa set online also include sectional or l shape sofa with Ottoman and couch options which work as an entire set by themselves, saving you both space and money.

Brimming with style and oozing comfort, the SnoozePro sofa is the sleekest one you've met yet. This classic mid-century inspired sofa follows a minimal aesthetic to give your room an elegant look. A mid size tufted back is a subtle detail that adds to its unique and minimal look. The SnoozePro also comes with a pair of throw cushions and 3 lumbar cushions to give your back the support it needs.Raised on sturdy wood legs, the height elevates the style quotient of the sofa while giving you the ease to clean the floor underneath. The angular arm rests are styled to look sophisticated and the lumbar and toss cushions add a touch finesse to the sofa.

The couch comes with several options in terms of a layout - you could buy regular sets with 3, 2 or 1 seaters in the numbers you wish, or you could go in for a 3 seater with sectional chaises - either right aligned or left aligned. The great thing about sectional sofas is that they save a whole of space without compromising the space it gives you to lounge around.

The polyfibre filled cushions offer much comfort and cosiness to what might look like a formal sofa. So whether it's spending all day Sunday relaxing or a night in with your friends, this sofa gives you the best of both worlds. With a 3 year warranty, you can be sure you've made the right decision.

At Wakefit, we offer several kinds of sofa set design styles that would fit right into the perfect sofa you need for your home. Our range of sofa online include a single seater sofa, 2 seater sofas, 3 seater sofas, L shape sofa and predetermined sofa sets that can complete your living room. Our sofas come in a multitude of colours from soft and pastel tones to darker and brighter tones as well so you can choose the sofa colour that works for you best. If you're looking to fill your sofa with a seating arrangement that can work for a family or a bunch of friends when you entertain or even if you live the single life, we've got a modern sofa set online for every kind of scenario at the best price possible.

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To buy a sofa set online, all you have to do is log on to wakefit.co, find the sofa you love, choose the fabric, the seating arrangement you need and place your order. You can be sure that it will then be home delivered to you without much trouble.

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