Hunor 1 Door Wardrobe with shelves (Frosty White)

1 Door, Frosty White


₹7,299   MRP ₹12,165  (40% off) (Incl of all taxes)


Buy Wardrobe Online From Wakefit

Storage space has to be thought about with a lot of deliberation. After all, everything you own will be housed in your wardrobe or almirah - your precious collectables as well as your essentials. What you need is a solution that fits your needs as well as suits the style of the home you currently live in.

Storage occupies a lot of space, and you should find storage solutions that maximize utility but do not consume too much space. The inside of your wardrobe furniture needs to accommodate a flexible and practical arrangement of spaces so that your stuff fits in neatly, even if they change over the years.

At Wakefit, you can buy a wardrobe cupboard online that is crafted with supreme quality to meet your storage needs at great prices.

Wooden Cupboard Wardrobes For Sale Online

Purchasing a wardrobe for bedroom is essential, and often takes careful consideration of the wooden cupboard’s specifications. While these can be found with the help of a sales staff in person, yet buying wardrobe furniture or a cupboard online can be a better experience. Not only are you saved the hassle of visiting multiple stores to purchase a wardrobe for bedroom, but you can easily compare wardrobe prices across websites.

Top furniture brands like Wakefit, has displayed all necessary information for your comparisons, such as the wardrobe price, dimensions, colour, material and design.

Explore Cupboards Online At Wakefit

At Wakefit, we now have sleek and modern engineered wood wardrobes online that work for every kind of household. The engineered wood used in making the wardrobes is treated to be moisture and termite resistant, so long term care is not a worry.

Simply wipe it clean and make sure it stays dry, without any water logging around it. The best thing about these wardrobes with drawers is that they can be dismantled and reassembled, so these wardrobes are designed to be on the move. So don’t wait too long, buy the wardrobe online and enjoy a 1-year warranty on it.

Wakefit Wardrobe Prices: Affordable Wooden Almirah

Whether you’re looking for a wardrobe with drawers for storage or a cupboard with clothes, Wakefit has a range for all your needs in our collection of wardrobe online:

Wardrobe Price (Starting from)
2-door Wardrobe {WWRB2TWILLCWR1_price_6240}
3-door Wardrobe {WWRB3TWILLCW_price_9966}
4-door Wardrobe {WWRB4DH1ORGANZAPDBR1_price_14170}

Engineered Wood Wardrobes Online

Your wardrobe must be sturdy, reliable and carefully designed to suit your requirements- be it a cupboard for clothes, or simply a storage wardrobe with drawers. If you’re looking for various options in compact storage furniture, explore the wardrobe designs of a Tartan 3 door wardrobe and 2 door wardrobes in rich wood textures on wakefit.co.

These are available in colours from Columbia Walnut to Dark Brown, with an interior uncompromising of functionality. It has hanging spaces, shelves and drawers for storage beyond a cupboard for clothes.

2 Door Wardrobe

Smaller wardrobes such as a 2 door wardrobe are the right fit for compact spaces. Our 2 door wardrobe variant comes with 5 big shelves, with a choice of plain sleek doors or doors with mirrors.

These are available in colours from Columbia Walnut to Dark Brown, with an interior uncompromising of functionality. It has hanging spaces, shelves and drawers for storage beyond a cupboard for clothes.

3 Door Wardrobe

While the 2 door variant has 5 shelves, the 3 door wardrobes come with 3 big and 3 small shelves, which offer a convenient organizational system. These have triple doors with and without a mirror, and plenty of space for your clothes and accessories.

The wardrobe with drawers can support up to 10kg of storage material, so you can tuck away all your belongings, knowing that the wardrobe fully supports you.

4 Door Wardrobe

When you purchase a wardrobe online, you might have concerns about their features supporting your need for storage, style, space, quality and comfort. These are wide, heavy-duty wardrobes that are designed to accommodate all your storage needs.

The 4 doors open to variations in storage space and utility. While these are larger than the double and triple doored wardrobe furniture, these would fit perfectly in one of your walls as everything you need to store has a space in this wooden cupboard. We would recommend our Plaid and Organza, our 4 door wardrobe or cupboard variants, while you’re browsing our catalogue of wardrobe online.

Our products include wood beds, bedside tables, study tables, study chairs. If you’re looking to make an ergonomic and comfortable home, look no further than wakefit.co. Our range of home and sleep solutions is just what you need for a perfect and budget-friendly home. So buy your wardrobe online today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is wardrobe furniture?

→ Wardrobes are closets or storing spaces usually detached from the wall. They are cupboards, typically used for:

  • Arranging clothes
  • Storing personal belongings
  • Locking away cash or other secure items
  • Stacking books and materials for easy reach

2. Which type of closet is best?

→ A wooden cupboard or a wooden almirah is best if it has the following features:

  • Made out of superior material (preferably wooden)
  • Engineered to help you store all kinds of belongings (clothes, accessories, documents, etc)
  • Durable, functional
  • For small spaces, a double door wardrobe is ideal
  • For medium spaces or needs, a 3 door wardrobe would be suitable
  • For large spaces with bigger storage needs, a 4 door wardrobe is the best

3. How do I choose a closet?

→ Before you purchase a wardrobe online, consider the following:

  • How big is your space dedicated to the wardrobe
  • What are the belongings you will be stacked into the wardrobe
  • Where is your wardrobe going to be used- bedroom, living room, study room, etc
  • What is the wardrobe price and does it align with your budget
  • What material would fit well with the style of the rest of the room
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