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    Buy Bed Online From Wakefit

    When we work hard, we deserve not just to play hard, but rest hard as well. Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep! It has been scientifically proven that sleeping well at night is correlated with productivity, creativity and happiness. Having the right type of bed for you is important. Buying a bed online is a long term commitment and investment. Hence, it must pass the test of strength, durability, functionality and feasibility. With our collection of beds at Wakefit, you can now choose from a variety of beds. Whether you need a double bed for a little more space or a single bed with storage to do the work, we’ve got you covered!

    Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. So you have to make sure you sleep well at night, but also in style! Our chic collection ranges from luxurious teak woods to elegant sheesham wood beds. And you can make the most of your beds using our bedroom makeover guide!

    At the end of the day an invitingly comfortable bed is the perfect antidote to any gloomy day, so purchase your bed online at Wakefit.

    Types of Bed Online for You

    Before going forward, try to understand the types of beds available online. This way, you’ll make better decisions as you will keep both comfort and design prime! Now, let’s take a look at the different types of beds!

    King Size Beds For Sale

    Purchasing a bed online is an investment and hence requires time and careful consideration. With our busy everyday schedules, it is now more than ever, important to get a good night’s sleep. Your bedroom is your sanctuary and must be equipped with a bed that is a reflection of your personality and more importantly, your comfort level.

    King Size Beds are the epitome of comfort and space. At Wakefit, you can pick from a range of them that will match your personal aesthetic. We also offer single bed with storage which is the perfect option for a small bedroom space.

    By purchasing your bed online with us, you are guaranteed a hassle-free delivery to your home.

    Shop For Queen Size Beds Online

    Let’s face it, working remotely can drain you out. In order to maintain your energy and productivity, one has to get a good night’s sleep. A good bed can do that for you. A queen counterpart can be one of best additions to your kids bedroom ideas! Whether you want to take a power nap during the day or need a change from your desk furniture, Wakefit is here for your needs!

    Queen size beds are the best choice for smaller rooms and if you are someone who needs more living space around the bed, the queen size is for you! Purchase your bed online at Wakefit and leave the rest to us. We promise you an easy and hassle-free delivery right into your homes.

    Explore Wooden Bed With Storage

    For the longest time now, wooden furniture has become a staple in many households, especially here in India. Wooden frames have many advantages. It is not only aesthetically appealing but also extremely durable and strong. If you seek a single bed with storage, wood is the best alternative! The natural texture, lines and colours of wood can add an earthy vibe to your bedroom. If maintained properly, a wooden bed can last for a lifetime. Additionally, they are resistant to extreme weather conditions. You can top it off stylish bedding decor ideas to match your vibe!

    While purchasing a bed online, it needs to pass the test of durability, functionality and feasibility. At Wakefit we offer a variety of beds made out of wood starting from teak, Sheesham, and engineered wood. If you’re someone who has more bedroom furniture and needs more living space, this kind of wooden bed with storage is a very practical option! You can slide in your sturdy and cosy bed for a restful sleep. But don’t forget to understand which side is best to sleep

    Choose comfort and style with the beds for sale on our website!

    Wakefit Bed Prices: Most Affordable Beds In India

    Wakefit Beds Price (Starting from)
    Engineered wood Beds ₹9,504
    Sheesham Wood Beds ₹14,851
    Teak wood Beds ₹15,750
    Metal Bed ₹9,744
    Bunk Beds ₹10,191

    Wakefit Teak Wood Beds Online

    Teniture such as beds, wardrobes, shelves, cabinets and much more. At Wakefit, we also offer bed with storage made out of premium quality teak wood. Furthermore, you can look at the best mattress for back pain and bid discomfort adieu!ak wood beds dense texture and grains makes it a strong, durable material for heavy wooden furniture.

    Wakefit Sheesham Wood Beds Online

    Sheesham Wood, also known as Indian Rosewood is one of the most commonly used materials for wooden furniture. It is grown locally in India and also found in the sub-Himalayan region. With its naturally unique appearance and colors, the Sheesham Wood Beds at Wakefit is the perfect aesthetic choice for your bedroom.

    Wakefit Engineered Wood Beds Online

    Engineered wood beds are popularly known for its versatility and durability, is also known as composite wood and is manmade. It is an extremely popular choice for all types of furniture such as coffee tables, wardrobes and beds and is especially popular in Indian homes. Wakefit understands the importance of sleep hence check out our beds for sale and bring home one that understand you.

    Wakefit Metal Beds Online

    Metal frame beds are known to be a common and durable option for bedroom furniture. They also have the added advantage of being more resistant to pests, fire and other hazards. Moreover, metal beds are lighter and easier to assemble. Purchase Metal beds online from our store and browse through our other beds for sale

    Wakefit Bunk Beds Online

    Bunk beds are the epitome of coolness. They are easy to assemble, practical, unique, space saving and loads of fun. So if you’re looking for kid friendly Bunk Beds online, we at Wakefit may have just what you need. Our Gemini Metal Bunk Bed is now available in two color combinations!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1.What are the dimensions of a King Size and Queen Size bed?

    → A king size bed is generally 72 inches(1.8 m) in width and 72 to 78 inches (1.83m to 1.98m) length. This size is usually suitable for two grown adults or two adults with a child. Because of its large dimensions, it is perfect for the master bedroom of a house.

    →The dimensions of queen size beds is roughly 60 or 66 inches(1.52m or 1.68 m) in width and 72 to 75 inches(1.83m to 1.91m) in length. Designed for a guest bedroom or a smaller bedroom, a queen-size fits two full-grown adults. Since it is narrower than a king-size, there is also more living space in the bedroom.

    →The Wakefit Bed Size Guide makes buying a bed online easy and accurate.

    2.What bed size is good for a single person?

    → A full-size bed or double bed is the ideal size for a single adult. The beds are about 48 inches(1.22 m) in width and around 72 to 75 inches(1.83m to 1.91m) in length. It is a good option for someone who has a smaller space. It is also economical as it is neither as big as a queen size bed nor as small as a single bed. If you are wondering what is your ideal bed type, the Wakefit Bed Size Guide makes buying a bed online easy and accurate.

    3. Is it reliable to buy a bed online?

    → It is definitely reliable to buy a bed online.There are several advantages to this:

    → Better quality

    → Latest trends

    → Safer purchase

    → Hassle-free delivery

    → Discounted prices and offers

    → General sanitation

    Wakefit makes purchasing a bed online an easy process. Browse through our collection of beds and mattresses that match your requirements. Also, check out our Sleep Quiz and Wakefit Bed Size Guide to understand your preferences better!

    4.What type of bed is the best?>

    → One of the best types of beds for any home is the Sheesham wood bed. However, buying a bed online is an investment. Wakefit is here to help you understand your bedding needs and preferences. Wakefit’s beds are of different sizes, types, and prices to fit everyone’s purpose. We have a wide range of beds to choose from that goes with your personality and your bedroom style!

    → Choose a bed that is a reflection of you and your space.

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