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The Top 5 Secret Santa Presents for Workmates in 2022

Secret Santa happens yearly at the office, yet you get stumped on what to pick every year. Though the concept is a great idea where everyone gets a lovely token from their workmates, it can be quite stressful in a professional setting when the name you picked is someone you barely know. Here’s some help picking the best secret santa gift ideas, which can be ideal for someone you barely know or have worked with for many years. 

What are the Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas?

Choosing the best secret Santa gift is an art. For coworkers, colleagues, or even close friends at work, it is all about what you know about the person. Even the smallest bit of information can come in handy for choosing a present that appeals to their interests. You can choose many novelty items, but the true novelty is the ability to give something the receiver likes, which makes them feel special. However, if there is no information, you can go with something universally appealing and qualifies for good secret santa gifts for both men and women. 

Top 5 Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Coworkers  


Anybody on social media will know that succulent-inspired decor is trending. So why not gift your coworker a social media feed kind of decor? Gift a cute succulent to your coworker to place on their desk. These may be small, but these striking plants represent great symbolism and meanings. For example, the cactus, as per Native American Indians, represent protection and endurance. It is believed that it brings fortune and luck to the owner. Also, it can survive in almost any condition. Even if your coworker is off for a couple of weeks, it can still stay alive. So it is one of the best options as a gift. z

Another option can be the crassula. As per Feng Shui, it protects the owner from negative vibes and evils and brings good fortune. In Japanese culture, people gift succulents to someone to reveal their love for them. So watch out when you are gifting it to your Japanese coworker. 

Succulents make for great secret santa gift ideas for coworkers for other reasons. They live longer, and they stay fresh for a longer time. Also, they make for great aesthetics wherever they are placed and can thus make for a memorable gift for your coworker. 

Trendy Laptop Sleeves

Almost everyone has an official laptop, and you can help your colleagues protect their laptops by gifting a trendy laptop sleeve. It is a cool accessory that stands out from other gift ideas. Whether the laptop is a basic one or an extravagant one, protection from physical harm is essential. Though laptop bags are provided, they are used only when carrying them around. What about protection when you are going from one meeting room to another? Laptop sleeves are an excellent accessory for laptop screens as they provide fall protection and keep water and dust away. For instance, it prevents minor knocks, scratches, fluid spills, and dust. 

Laptop sleeves come in wide varieties; some are robust some are simple with zippered pockets. A range of laptop sleeves is available online that suits every budget range. You can also make it personalised by printing something funny, making it a funny secret Santa gift for work colleagues. Either way, it makes perfect secret Santa gifts for male and female coworkers.

A Gift Basket

There is no better gift option than making a custom-made gift basket full of fun and interesting little surprises. The holiday season calls for indulgences, and fulfilling cravings is a great way of indulging your coworker. Gift baskets come in many different types, it can be a box of gourmet chocolates and cookies, or for those who are health conscious, it can be fruits, a mix of dry fruits, and more. You can also get a curated set of different types of herbal teas as a gift basket. You can also throw in a mug with some funny quotes to make funny secret Santa gifts for work colleagues that are also useful. Whatever you do, ensure that it is personalised to transform it from an ordinary gift to one of the good secret Santa gifts for colleagues. A gift basket filled with packets of happiness is bound to bring a smile. 

Seat Cushions

Sitting on an office chair for long hours can be painful and uncomfortable; everyone knows that. Why not address it by being a good secret Santa to your colleagues? A good seat cushion can make for a better work experience. When purchasing a seat cushion online, ensure that they are ergonomic and support the lower back. They also help in improving posture and make for a comfortable experience overall. Seat cushions come in many sizes and shapes, so pick the best one and make your secret Santa recipient a happy, productive person. 


A nice massage can relieve all that work stress, but who has the time to get a professional massage whenever there is a need for one? A handy massager can come to the rescue as a work secret Santa gift. Whatsmore it can be brought to the office and used when the work is stressful? There are many types of massagers, from manual to electric, for a specific area like the head, eye, neck, foot or the whole body. Choose any that suits your budget. 

Christmas will be here before the blink of your eye. So now that you have some of the best Christmas secret Santa gifts, you can choose one of these and start gift wrapping them. Choose your gift well and be the best secret Santa in your office to your coworkers. 

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