Can’t sleep in new places? Here Are Tips That’ll Help!

Cant sleep in new places

Falling asleep in a new place can be a struggle. Everyone is not blessed with the gift of sleeping everywhere and anywhere. For some people, even a change in pillows can make it very hard for them to fall asleep. Imagine what will happen for them when they shift houses or are spending a night at their friend’s?! This post comes in handy in situations where your sleep environment has changed or your sleep schedule has altered. These sleeping tips will help you relax anywhere and everywhere.  

The inability to sleep in a new place is known as the First Night Effect by sleep experts. If this is your sleep struggle story too, then worry not you are not alone. Many people find it hard to sleep on the first night of their vacation or the first night in a new apartment. There are studies that show participants sleeping poorly on the first night because of which the researchers had to disregard the sleep information gathered on that night. 

Why do we behave this way? Science has the answer. The first-night effect of difficulty in sleeping in a new place happens because of our natural instinct of safeguarding ourselves from the harms that might be present in a new environment. A part of our brain becomes extra alert in order to make sure we are in safe sleep surroundings. 

How can you fall asleep faster in a new place

Here are some tips we at Wakefit follow when sleeping in an unfamiliar environment in order to fall asleep fast and get good rest. 

  • Sticking to the regular sleep schedule 

It is all about tricking the brain into believing that nothing is different so that it finds no difficulty in falling asleep. When you stick to your normal bedtime schedule, your brain will be triggered to release melatonin on time to help you doze off. 

  • Try some breathing exercises

Some calming breathing exercises before bedtime can help us soothe our mind and body of its restlessness, thus helping us fall asleep fast in a new unfamiliar place. Bringing your attention to your breath and your out-breath may seem like a very simple activity, but it has the potential to make you stop thinking, which in itself is magical. 

  • Avoid caffeinated drinks 

Your brain is already extra vigilant to ensure you are safe which is causing you difficulty in sleeping. Do not further aggravate the situation by drinking too much of a caffeinated beverage before bed. Instead, try something that will quieten that worried mind and relax your nerves to help you sleep faster and better.

  1.  Sleep kit 

A smart way of ensuring that you get a good sleep in a new place is by packing yourself a sleep kit. This can include a portable white noise machine, a sleep mask, a pair of good earplugs to block out noise, and a few bags of chamomile tea. 

Which of these sleep tips are you willing to try next time you find yourself awake in an unfamiliar bed? Share with us.

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