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Let’s clean! It- A great energy to have, but doesn’t it make you squirm thinking of what you need to do to get there? To make your house a home and your happy place, you don’t need sophisticated decor or large spaces- all you need is a clean home. If it seems like a chore to you at this point, with our house cleaning tips, you’d be breezing through cleaning your home in no time.

Before we explain how to clean a house efficiently, let’s talk about the why.

Why is it important to clean your house?

A clean house is not just a great aesthetic appeal, but hygienic and healthy for your mind as well. So before we focus on how to clean a house fast, here are a few reasons why cleaning your home is more of a self-care routine than a chore.

Tips for Cleaning your home

1) Clutter = Chaos, Clean = Control

Mentally, a messy or disorganised home represents unfinished business. A social psychology study found that this unsettling feeling of a cluttered home either directly contributes to or aggravates stress and fatigue. 

Cleaning your home helps create visible changes for the better in your immediate environment. This change also allows you to feel capable of taking control and making a difference in the right way.

2) Cleaning boosts your mood:

Cleaning has a calming effect and also improves your mood by a large margin. In fact, studies showed that having clean sheets drives better sleep. In fact, since cleaning is also a form of low-intensity physical activity, it helps reduce anxiety and grounds your emotions as well.

3) Improves overall health:

Cleanliness is a bigger indicator of good health than several other factors like an active fitness routine. A clean house promotes good hygiene, which is the goal of every household.

Moreover, those that engage in cleaning their home have been shown to have reduced stress, good night’s sleep, and increased mental inspiration. As a bonus, bending over, reaching out, squatting, and mopping- all of these are workouts that burn calories!

Easy House Cleaning Tips to Master your Cleaning 

The science of how to keep a home clean is very simple- anyone with any level of expertise can do this once you follow these basic home cleaning tips:

1) Declutter to Reduce the Distress:

Our top house cleaning tip is: The only way out of the mess is through. So instead of thinking “how to clean a house fast” and not cleaning around the clutter, put the clutter away first.

Separate your room into sections you want to start with and work your way through them one by one. To stay motivated, add incentives after every section. For example, you could plonk yourself on a comfortable bed, use the best pillows for sleep and take a power nap, to start fresh.

2) Dust Before You Go Down:

One of the most time-saving home cleaning tips is to start by dusting ceilings and corners first. This dusting firstly cleans areas you might miss out on, but also saves you the trouble of cleaning the surface again when the dust falls on clean areas. 

An essential that is often missed out when finding out how to clean a house is your protective gear. When dusting your ceilings, ensure that your nose and mouth are closed and that your eyes are protected.

Cleaning your home: How to Clean a House Fast

3) Try the Pomodoro Technique:

What if we told you that much of how to keep your home clean is to do with your mind? So here is one of the best house cleaning tips that work with your motivation as well. The Pomodoro is a time-management technique that factors in motivation and the need to rest as well. In this technique, you’ll be splitting half an hour into work and rest. 

You can set a timer to work for 25 minutes and start with the cleaning (play some music or podcast to make the process more meaningful for you). The remaining 5 minutes is for you to rest. House cleaning tips like this one are well-thought-out. The rest is not to hold you back from your productivity, but as a restorative practice to refresh your energy for the next 25 minutes.

4) Catch-Up Through Cleaning:

When cleaning feels like a chore, and if your motivation has run dry- make an event of it! Invite your friends or family over and make it a team project instead. Doing an activity- any meticulous task- is not only more fun with people around, but more rewarding as a process itself. 

There are a lot of fun house cleaning tips as well as one of them is to make a game out of cleaning: who folds the most clothes in under a minute? Who would be the first to wipe down your windows spotlessly?

Fun House cleaning tips

How to develop a cleaning habit?

It could wind you up despite your efforts to clean if you notice your house starting to get messy again. This is why it’s important that you develop a more sustainable effort to keep your house clean.

1) Invest in space organizers:

Top house cleaning tips are regarding where you put your clean things in. Any furniture with enough storage space shows you all the possibilities of rearranging your clutter. To save space, buy bed with storage design.

2) Put things away immediately:

When you develop the habit of putting things away as soon as you’re done using them, you’re saving yourself the time and stress of cleaning them all at once.

3) Notice the reward in cleanliness:

Bank on the aftermath of a cleanroom- in terms of the aesthetics, your mood and even the ease of access for all your functions from then on. Remember this reward and use it as an incentive to clean the next time!

Quick Guide to Furniture Cleaning:

When we sweep or mop, we usually clean around our furniture, but over time, they also tend to collect dust, mites and bacteria. Here are some complete home cleaning tips that include your furniture:

1) Sofas:

Take the cushioned covers off the sofa and always start with vacuuming the sofa cover first. Then, make a concoction of distilled water and dishwashing liquid, to dampen the covers. You may also clean sofa at home as per the instructions on the sofa cloth.

Cleaning your home furniture tips

2) Glass tables:

The glass needs to be cleaned carefully so as to not make a mark. Although some people suggest newspapers, using reusable microfiber cloth is safer. 

3) Wood:

Wood is easy to clean, hard to maintain. In order to maintain wooden furniture, ensure that you don’t leave too much to wiping but dusting instead. Clean the furniture with a slightly damp cloth dipped in highly diluted dish soap.

Home Cleaning Tips for Wooden Furniture

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