Modern Headboard Design Ideas to Revamp Your Bed

modern headboard design

Have you wondered why you need a modern headboard design for your bed? Here’s why!

A lot goes around on a bed. Apart from sleep and, well, the obvious, it is also a place where you have late night conversations with friends, get engrossed in a best-selling novel, cry over an ex, study, work, jump, or binge watch your favorite TV shows. In other words, a bed is one of the most personal forms of furniture in your entire house. Ultimately, when you spend so much time on your bed, you are more likely to curl up into a ball, causing lasting damage to your posture as well as your neck and back.

This is where a modern headboard design for a bed comes in handy. A good headboard not only adds elements to your bedroom, but also supports your posture, protects your walls from damage, and helps your bed last longer. 

In this article, we’re going to quickly talk about the simple benefits of having a headboard, different headboards available in the market, and also give you some fun, quirky headboard design ideas to decorate them to make your bedroom look and feel super inviting! 

Importance of a Headboard:

Protects the wall: 

Without a headboard, you are more likely to stain the walls from regularly resting your head and back on the wall while sitting upright. Despite regular cleaning, walls can catch dirt very easily and are twice as hard to clean up. Additionally, after a few months, you will also see an evident fade in the paint color when you move your bed. Having a headboard will protect the walls from damage and abrasion. So find yourself a modern headboard design, pronto!

Provides support to your spine:

Do your body a huge favor and refrain from lying in awkward, difficult positions while reading or binge watching your sitcoms. Statistically speaking, poor posture does far more damage than just the common neck sprain. Bad posture can cause headaches, migraines, spine curvature, back pain, disturbed sleep, disrupted digestion and can directly reduce motivation. 

Investing in ultra modern headboard designs will definitely help you maintain your posture. You can also customize by getting your headboard upholstered although that may be a bit expensive. If you’re not big on customized furniture, you can also check out beds online with regular headboards. Just put a pillow for some extra comfort and support. 

And while you’re at this, maybe you could also invest in a bed table to place your laptop on. Trust us, your trapezius muscles will thank you for years to come. 

Makes the room cosy and stylish

A headboard bed in a room is like a centerpiece on a table. It’s the grand eye candy. A Modern headboard design paired with a wooden bed headboard design can make your room cosy and extremely stylish. Go ahead and personalize your headboard by adding string lights, polaroids of your favorite people, stickers, glow in the dark figures, whatever you want really. Once that’s set, all you need are bedside tables, funky lamps, a great bedding set, best pillows for sleeping and voila! It’s bye-bye world, hello self-care and good night’s sleep

Low maintenance:

Headboards are ridiculously easy to clean so you never have to worry about hair oil, hair masks, hair color or any other habit that could potentially stain and ruin your wall if not for a headboard. Simply wipe it with a clean damp cloth and you’re good to go. If you opt for an upholstered headboard, you can use a wet vacuum cleaner to clean up stubborn stains. Literally anything is better than repainting your wall. 

Feng shui

If you’re into spiritual benefits, then we’ll have you know that according to the principles of Feng shui for home, headboards are actually kind of important. Headboards symbolize a mountain by your back, which is meant to keep you safe and secure while you sleep.  It is also believed that headboards strengthen your command position and promote higher chi energy. 

Types of Modern Headboard Design:

1) Wooden headboard

Wooden headboard designs are the most common types of modern headboard design in the market today. Most of the leading furniture stores offer great wooden headboard designs that come with ample space and storage. Wooden headboard designs are durable, easy to clean, affordable and extremely stylish. 

2) Metal headboard:

Another common type of modern headboard design, metal headrest designs are yet another affordable and easy to clean options available in the market. Metal headboard design are typically attached to a metal bed. It is crucial to add a wooden plank above the bed and under the mattress to avoid damaging the mattress. Metal headboards generally include metal artwork in the headboard which gives your bed and bedroom a classy, vintage look. 

3) Leather headboard:

Slightly expensive but super classy and elite, leather headboard ideas go great in a large bedroom with modern interiors. These headboards are easy to clean but however, are more prone to wearing and tearing out if not maintained properly. 

4) Upholstered headboard:

The most common fabrics used in upholstered headboard ideas are linen and cotton. These ultra-modern, modern headboard designs are tightly woven, come in many different colors, and typically last for many years. However, they are not easy to clean and do gather dust eventually. If you anyway prefer headboard upholstered, do make sure to vacuum your headboard (both wet and dry) every week to keep it dust-free and stain-free. 

5) Natural headboard:

Aesthetically beautiful, delicate yet perfectly strong – natural headboards ideas include bamboo headboards, wicker cane headboards and rattan headboards. These types of headrest designs bring out a calming vibe which is perfect for a bedroom. However, these are difficult to clean and require proper maintenance. 

So bring home a modern headboard design bed today and to give your bedroom makeover and transform into those straight out of a magazine. Decorate, personalize these headboard design ideas, and lie back to experience comfort that rejuvenates you perfectly for the next day!

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