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How to keep your sofa clean: A Guide

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Your sofa sets are the showstoppers of the space they take up in your house. How can a showstopper be shabby, right? 

With Wakefit’s ultimate and ridiculously easy tips, you can maintain your sofas spectacularly well. Expect them to look brand new even after you get bored of FRIENDS, which basically means forever. 

  1. Tips to keep your sofa set cleanDo not let the stains stay 

Stains are like strays, let them stay a while, and then they are never leaving. While strays are good news, stains are not. 

As soon as you spot a stain, it is time to get rid of it. Drop everything you are doing and get to the stain immediately. It might be too late otherwise. 

Sectional Sofa | Wakefit1. Go through the manufacturer’s guide on maintenance 

All of us know this, but all of us hate doing it. However, some pains need to be taken for things that you care for. 

So go through the manual you dread so much and find out how to maintain the precious sofa sets you invested in. 

2. Pay attention to fabric 

Fabric sofa sets usually come with codes, such as W, S/W, S. These are there to guide you regarding what kind of agent you should use for your sofa sets. 

W means a water-based cleaner, S/W stands for solvents and water-based cleaner, and S means only solvents. 

3. Vacuum once in a while for the dust 


When the dust settles on your living room sofa set and you let it stay, you are doing more harm to your set than you think. Over time, the dust layer gets so thick that it is impossible to get rid of it. 

Therefore, consider vacuum cleaning your sofa sets every week. This is also a great hygiene practice, especially for people with asthma and/or skin conditions. 

When you take extra precautions to keep your living room sofa set clean, you are actually saying that you care for the people who visit your home. That is a kind thing to say. 

4. Spot cleaning with mild detergent

You don’t have to clean your sofa every day. 

While that can be done monthly or bi-weekly, you need to clean spots immediately with whatever agent is recommended by the manufacturer. 

Once done cleaning, remember to air dry your sofa before using it again. 

5. Help the cushions stay in shape 

Toss and turn the cushions to keep them in shape. Dust them every day to help them stay fresh and hygienic. 

Spot cleaning and regular dusting apply to cushions as well. Your duster is your wand, use it properly. 

These steps were easy-peasy, weren’t they? And though ridiculously simple, they are extremely effective, which to us sounds like a deal one should not miss out on! 

Tell us about your biggest sofa set cleaning struggle, and we will assist you with it. Bring it on!


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