Stop your shoes from walking all over you

Where there is a design problem, Wakefit comes up with a solution. Venturing into the world of home solutions, we have created an array of ergonomic products that make living easy and stylish at the same time. Our shoe racks are the perfect way to organise your footwear collection while displaying the ones you think are too beautiful to be hiding behind drawers.

Wakefit shoerack

Our shoe racks offer a range of choices. From classic designs to modern chic ones, we have a shoe cabinet for every household. These shoe racks are easy to maintain and can be assembled effortlessly. Dismantling the shoe racks is as simple too, and therefore you have nothing to worry about if you are shifting houses. 

shoe rack illustration

Introducing Wakefit’s wooden shoe racks that stop your shoes from walking all over you:

Bianca shoe rack 

Want to buy new shoes, but worried about space? Fret no more! With our Bianca shoe rack, shoe storage is not an issue anymore! 

With two closed compartments and two open racks, this design allows you to store all your footwear, from your delicate stilettos to humble sandals and your sturdy boots, you can store anything you want. Though the Columbian Walnut colour makes the rack look good on its own, you can decorate it further by placing attractive items on top. Our suggestion would be a vase full of your favourite flowers.

Astrid shoe rack 

No one says no to new shoes, but what do you do when space is an issue? You stop worrying and get yourself Wakefit’s Astrid shoe rack. This is easy to organise and maintain shoe unit that also looks extremely elegant, and therefore ups your living room style quotient. 

The shoe rack can store up to 15 pairs of footwear, keeping them safe and free of dust. It is easy to assemble and easier to clean. All you need is a dry piece of clean cloth and you are sorted. 

Lyra shoe rack 

Finding a soulmate may be tough, but we have got the perfect soulmate for you! Wakefit’s Lyra shoe rack for home lets you revamp your living room or balcony while also helping you arrange your prized footwear. 

The design allows you to store six pairs of footwear while letting you use the drawers for foot accessories and the bench-like top to store decorative pieces. The dark walnut colour gives the space you store this shoe rack the oomph that it needs. The shoe rack is easy to assemble and maintain. 

Wakefit Lyra Shoe Rack

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