Boteh Sheesham Wood Chest Of Drawers


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The Design

Wakefit Boteh Chest of Drawers Online

Wakefit’s Boteh bedroom chest of drawers online are a tall and compact unit that can be the perfect addition to your new home. Part of the ergonomic furniture family at Wakefit, the drawers provide for ample space for storage as well as enhance the look of the room they’re placed in. Made of Acacia wood with a natural finish, this wooden chest of drawers online will add life to your house and freshen up the look of the room. If you’re looking for a high-quality and high-functioning storage unit with an eye-catching design, Boteh chest of drawers is perfect for you.

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The multipurpose wooden chest of drawers online is beautiful to look at and is made of acacia wood. This type of wood is durable, does not rust easily and is naturally antibacterial. This ensures that the things you place inside the drawers do not run the risk of being spoiled. The smooth, polished and warm tone of the wood adds to the colour of the room. The gorgeous ethnic pattern on the door magnifies the charm of the product. The asymmetrical chest of drawer design with 6 drawers, coupled with a door unit, provides a stylish and modern look. The geometrical pattern on the door enhances the overall funk of the drawers. Despite having a strong and sturdy structure, the drawers are easy to move and very pleasant to the eye. In terms of utility, the provision of 6 drawers along with a door unit, allow you to store a variety of objects of different sizes in the same place.

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The living room chest of drawers online could be the perfect addition to your workroom at home. You could use the drawers to keep books, cups, cutlery, toys, stationery, TV equipment, etc. The top of the drawers could be used to store products that you want to keep out of the way or just out of the reach of children. The compact nature of the drawer cabinet allows you to store more in a limited space without ruining the modern vibe of the room. Part of Wakefit’s mission to provide ergonomic furniture to homes across India, the Boteh chest of drawers online is an attempt to modernize your living area within the minimum space. As more people move to urban areas, there is always a lack of space. The Boteh chest of drawers is the solution to this problem, along with other products like the Trellis chest of drawers and many more. Wakefit’s products range from bedroom essentials like mattresses and beds to other home essentials like drawers, TV sets, and even shoe racks.

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