Flexagon Trifold Pro Mattress

Single, 72" x 36", 4"| 1.83m x 91cm x 10cm

Firm & Foldable
Firm & Foldable
Easy to store & portable
Easy to store & portable
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₹4,720   MRP ₹5,619  (16% off)(Incl of all taxes)

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Imagine you are having a great gossip session with your besties and don’t want them to leave. You don’t have a guest room and need to make the living room more cozy. In such situations, the TriFold Pro foldable foam mattress can be a lifesaver. You can easily fold it up and store it in a closet when not in use. Wakefit’s hassle-free foldable mattress online is portable and comes with a 5 year warranty. Our compact and foldable mattress online is perfect for traveling, camping, and it is also great for dorms. Not only does it save space, it can be utilized as a low sofa in the morning and as a comfortable bed for one at night. Unfolding the foldable mattress takes seconds and it is not too heavy. The Wakefit TriFold Pro foldable mattress is made of premium quality foam. It is firm enough to provide your back the support it needs while you unwind after a long day.

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This TriFold Pro folding mattress is medium firm and works for almost everyone. You can use it as a spare mattress for guests but also for yourself if you don’t want to invest in a bed just yet. If you are someone who is almost always on the go, this folding mattress will save you a lot of effort while shifting. While you shop for a foldable mattress online, you must have some activities in mind. It could be for your kids and their sleepovers, an extra seating arrangement for late night parties, or even a cozy nook in your study. We can promise that our TriFold Pro foldable mattress online will tick all the boxes. All our products are quality checked for the essential parameters to match international quality standards. So, grab a foldable mattress online with just a few clicks and unfold a bunch of happy memories.

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Apart from foldable bed mattresses, we have a wide range of mattresses that cater to specific needs. The TriFold Pro foldable bed mattresses make for great housewarming gifts too. Super useful, ergonomic, and economic too! At Wakefit, we want you to snooze well and have sweet dreams every night. You can also explore our bedding collection that will keep you snug. From 100% cotton sheets to mattress protectors, comforters to pillow covers, we have it all.

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