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    Buy Wardrobe Online In India

    Storage space has to be thought about with a lot of deliberation. After all, everything you own will be housed in your wardrobe or almirah - your precious collectables as well as your essentials. Buy wardrobe online in India that fits your needs as well as suits the style of the home you currently live in.

    Storage occupies a lot of space, and you should buy wardrobe online in India that maximizes utility but does not consume too much space. Buy best wooden wardrobe for bedroom that offers flexible and practical compartments so that your stuff fits in neatly, even if they change over the years. When you buy wardrobe online in India, opt for ones that have space, a sturdy structure, a smooth surface, and strength so as to not wobble. The best way to buy wooden wardrobe online is to explore our collection. At Wakefit, we have every kind of wardrobe available and we will deliver it to your doorstep.

    Different Types Of Modern Wardrobe Based On Material

    To buy wardrobe online in India you should take a look at the different types of modern wardrobe based on material:

    • Engineered Wood Wardrobe:

      A engineered wood wardrobe constructed from various types of wood particles and fibers, such as MDF. They offer a more budget-friendly option compared to solid wood. One of the key advantages of engineered wood wardrobes is their resistance to warping or cracking, making them less susceptible to temperature and humidity changes. They also come in a wide range of finishes, providing a plethora of design choices to match different interior styles.

    • Solid Wood Wardrobe:

      A solid wood wardrobes exude timeless charm and elegance, making them a favored choice for those seeking a touch of luxury and authenticity in their bedrooms. Crafted entirely from natural wood, these wardrobes showcase the inherent beauty and unique grain patterns of the wood. Their exceptional durability and longevity make them a valuable investment that can withstand the test of time. Moreover, buy wardrobe online in India made of solid wood as they offer a sense of warmth and character, adding a touch of natural beauty to any space. With proper care and maintenance, they can be passed down through generations, becoming treasured heirlooms.

    Different Types Of Wardrobes For All Your Storage Needs

    There are different types of wardrobes for all your storage needs and you should explore all of them online before picking one.

    • Door Wardrobe: A 2-door wardrobe is a classic and space-efficient option suitable for smaller bedrooms or those with limited space. It offers a simple yet functional design with a hanging rail and a top shelf, providing ample space to hang and store your clothes, shoes, and accessories neatly.
    • 3 Door Wardrobe: A 3-door wardrobe provides more storage capacity and organizational possibilities. With additional compartments and shelves, it offers designated spaces for folded clothes, accessories, and even extra storage for beddings or linens.
    • 4 Door Wardrobe: Ideal for larger bedrooms or those with a need for extensive storage, a 4-door wardrobe offers plenty of room to organize different types of clothing and belongings. It may feature adjustable shelves, drawers, and hanging rails, providing versatility and ample space for all your storage needs.
    • Luxury Wardrobe: A luxury wardrobe represents the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Crafted from high-quality materials with exquisite detailing, these wardrobes often include specialized compartments, soft-closing doors, and premium finishes, elevating the overall aesthetic and functionality of your bedroom.
    • Wardrobe With Drawers: A wardrobe with drawers adds extra versatility to your storage solution. The built-in drawers offer space for organizing smaller items like accessories, socks, and undergarments, reducing the need for additional storage furniture.
    • Engineered Wardrobe Without Drawers: A Engineered wood wardrobes without drawers provide a minimalist and sleek design, perfect for modern interior styles. They focus on providing ample hanging and shelving space, optimizing storage without the added bulk of drawers.
    • Wardrobe With Mirrors: A wardrobe with mirrors on the doors serves a dual purpose, functioning as a storage unit and a full-length dressing mirror. It reflects light, making your room appear more spacious while providing a convenient spot to check your outfit.
    • Wardrobe Without Mirrors: A wardrobe without mirrors offers a more traditional and straightforward design. It focuses solely on storage, making it a versatile option that fits well with various bedroom aesthetics.
    • Wardrobe With Hanging Space: A wardrobe with hanging space is tailored to accommodate a large collection of garments that need to be hung. With adjustable hanging rails, it ensures your clothes can be hung with ease, keeping them wrinkle-free and readily accessible.

    Get The Best Wooden Wardrobe For Bedroom

    When buying the best wooden wardrobe for your bedroom, there are several important factors to consider to ensure you make a wise and satisfactory choice. Here are few things to keep in mind before purchasing a wardrobe furniture for home:

    • Available Space And Size: Measure the available space in your bedroom where you intend to place the wardrobe. Consider the dimensions carefully to ensure the wardrobe fits comfortably without overpowering the room. A well-proportioned wardrobe will complement the overall aesthetics of your bedroom and offer convenient access to its contents.
    • Material And Quality: Pay close attention to the type of wood used in the wardrobe's construction. Solid wood is durable and offers timeless beauty. Engineered wood wardrobes also have good craftsmanship and are available in various sizes.
    • Design And Style: Choose a wardrobe design that complements your bedroom's interior style and decor. Whether you prefer a classic, modern, rustic, or contemporary look, the best wooden wardrobe for your bedroom should blend harmoniously with the overall ambiance of the room.
    • Storage Needs And Configuration: Assess your storage requirements to determine the ideal wardrobe configuration. Look for adjustable shelves, hanging rails, and drawers to cater to different types of clothing and belongings.

    Check Out Wardrobe Price Online In India

    Want to buy the best wooden wardrobe in budget? At Wakefit we have wardrobe under 10000 too. Find out wardrobe price online in India:

    Wardrobe Price ListPrice (Starting from)
    Engineered Wood Wardrobe ₹7,800
    Solid Wood Wardrobe ₹26,783
    2 Door Wardrobe ₹7,800
    3 Door Wardrobe ₹11,337
    4 Door Wardrobe ₹17,172
    Luxury Wardrobe ₹14,883

    Bean Bags Price Online In India

    We have a variety of bean bags price online in India. You can choose one that suits your needs:

    Shop Wakefit Products

    Wakefit has now been in existence since 2016. Over the last few years, we have serviced over 8 lakh customers, sold over 18 lakh products, and spent at least 1500 hours in research and development. We pride ourselves on being customer-centric and providing our customers with the very best of service. We have spent our initial years talking to our customers to understand their needs better and creating products that cater to those needs. This is the ethos of our company and we believe that the only way to succeed is to solve a problem our users face in their daily lives. After building a successful line of sleep products online, we now have a line of home products online, designed to be ergonomic solutions for the modern Indian household. We believe in creating and selling products of the highest quality at the very best of prices, so that true comfort is accessible to everyone in India. What you see is what you get!

    We deal in wall shelves, dressing tables, bedside tables, shoe racks, chest of drawers, cabinets, bookshelves, and most home decor items. To explore more, visit www.wakefit.co

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What is wardrobe furniture?

    → Wardrobes are closets or storing spaces usually detached from the wall. They are cupboards, typically used for:

    • Arranging clothes
    • Storing personal belongings
    • Locking away cash or other secure items
    • Stacking books and materials for easy reach

    2. Which type of closet is best?

    → A wooden cupboard or a wooden almirah is best if it has the following features:

    • Made out of superior material (preferably wooden)
    • Engineered to help you store all kinds of belongings (clothes, accessories, documents, etc)
    • Durable, functional
    • For small spaces, a double door wardrobe is ideal
    • For medium spaces or needs, a 3 door wardrobe would be suitable
    • For large spaces with bigger storage needs, a 4 door wardrobe is the best

    3. How do I choose a closet?

    → Before you purchase a wardrobe online, consider the following:

    • How big is your space dedicated to the wardrobe
    • What are the belongings you will be stacked into the wardrobe
    • Where is your wardrobe going to be used- bedroom, living room, study room, etc
    • What is the wardrobe price and does it align with your budget
    • What material would fit well with the style of the rest of the room

    4. Is the wardrobe anti-termite?

    → Yes, the wooden cupboard is termite-resistant and you don't have to worry about your belongings at all

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