Petra Engineered Wood Bed With Storage

King, 78" x 72", With Storage| 1.98m x 1.83m


₹14,699   MRP ₹20,999  (30% off) (Incl of all taxes)


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Wondering where you can scout for the best engineered wood beds with storage? Well, you have found yourself in the perfect place. Wakefit brings you the ultimate engineered wood bed with storage, Petra.

Wakefit's Petra engineered wood beds with storage offer crazy space for all your bedroom essentials. With four storage compartments that can be easily accessed, the Petra beds with storage make organizing easy for you. The sturdy partitions between the compartments ensure everything stays where it belongs.

Wakefit's beds are easy to maintain, long-lasting, and sturdy. This bed allows for flexible storage. Petra is a bed with headrest with an added advantage of full headboard storage for better space utilization. What more can one ask for?!

Shop For Wakefit's King Size Bed And Queen Size Bed With Storage

Petra Engineered Wood Bed is available as both a king size bed and a Queen Size Bed. So whether you believe in living life king size or want to be treated like a queen, we have both the options for your sleep.

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Check Out Wakefit's Wooden Bed Design

The Wakefit Petra Engineered Wood Beds Online are made of durable Engineered Wood. Rich in texture and high in utility, the wooden bed design will carve out a place in your heart.

At Wakefit, every wooden bed design is made with a lot of attention and the best materials. In Petra's case, for instance, the material is laminated from all sides to ensure that your bed is protected from moisture and other external factors.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What kind of wood is this bed with storage made of?

&# 4; The material used for making the body and structure of the bed is particle board, which is a type of engineered wood. The bottom and the top support boards are made of MDF board.

2. What is the thickness of the Engineered wood (particle board)?

&# 4; The thickness of the particle board is 18mm.The back panels are of 9mm particle board.

3. What hardware is provided? Will spare hardware be provided?

&# 4; No extra hardware is provided as this is a carpenter assembly provided by Wakefit.

4. What are the shelf dimensions in Petra?

&# 4; No extra hardware is provided as this is a carpenter assembly provided by Wakefit.

5. How many people can sleep on the bed and how much load can it bear?

&# 4; We recommend 2 adults 1 infant in Queen size and 2 to 3 people in Kingsize for a comfortable sleep. The bed can bear upto 300 kgs in queen size, and 350 kgs in king size.

6. What is the time required for assembly and what tools should we use?

&# 4; The assembly of the bed will take between 40 and 50 min. The carpenter will come to assemble your product at the time of delivery, free of cost.

7. Does the bed have storage and what is the storage capacity?

&# 4; Yes. The bed has storage where you can keep the rarely used things in the storage. The bed's storage capacity is 1105 L (for king size) and 920 L (for queen size).

8. What is the recommended size of mattress?

&# 4; We recommend you to use King size bed (78*72 inches) Queen size bed (78*60Inhes) with respect to the thickness of the mattress you can use 5,6, 8 and 10 inches of mattress.

9. Is bed returnable/replaceable?

&# 4; Currently, there is no return policy for this bed. It can only be replaced if there is any manufacturing defect or logistics damage. Depending on the defect or damage, the parts will be replaced. TAT for replacement of part/s in case of damage or defect is 5 to 7 days.

10.Any instructions on how to clean the cot?

&# 4;You can use cotton cloth and mild cleaning liquids. Make sure you wipe the bed neat and dry. No liquid should be left on the bed and it should be completely dry.

11.What is the total height of the bed including the headbox?

11.What is the total height of the bed including the headbox?

&# 4; Petra Headbox height :

12.Are the mattress and accessories displayed in the picture part of the bed?

&# 4; Mattress and accessories displayed in the picture are not included. They are for representation only.

13.What are the storage dimensions?

&# 4; The bed has box storage divided into 4 compartments. The dimension of each compartment are as follows- Queen: 30.2 cm (Height) x 60.16 cm (Width) x 98 cm (Length) King: 30.2 cm (Height) x 75.4 cm (Width) x 98 cm (Length)

15.Does the color of the wood dull after usage?

&# 4; If exposed directly to sunlight for a long time, the finish might fade. The bed is for indoor use only and should not be placed in direct sunlight. It should also not be exposed to heat sources and prolonged exposure to moisture should be avoided.

16.Is the material anti-termite?

&# 4; Yes, the material is anti-termite.

17. Is the MDF coated or painted on the top and/or bottom?

&# 4; No, the MDF that we use is not coated with anything, and hence needs to be protected from exposure to moisture and/or spillage. The MDF, however, is termite- and borer-proof, so longevity is guaranteed.