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Centaurus Wooden Bed: The Ultimate Wooden Bed Is Only A Click Away

Are you looking for a wooden bed with storage? Well, what luck, we have just designed a new bed that might fit your needs perfectly.

The Centaurus Sheesham Bed, like all Wakefit products, is designed after bringing the same intense R&D that goes into everything we create. 

To design the Centaurus wooden bed with storage, our focus was longevity and strength. Keeping those two crucial factors in mind, we have created a sturdy bed that lasts long due to the quality of the hardwood used. However, because of its strength, it would be wrong to assume that the bed is difficult to assemble. The creators have made sure that the bed is as easy to assemble as a simple metal bed. 

We chose hardwood for our bed because flimsy alternatives, such as engineered wood, does not last long. Sheesham wood, on the other hand, is not only durable but also can be polished to last longer. 

The other important feature of Sheesham wood is how it offers an innate resistance to termites. The wood does not decay since it is tough. This also means it is hypoallergenic, thus keeping dust mites, molds, microbes, and other allergens away. This feature can be enhanced further by treating the wood to prevent mites from setting camp. 

Indian Rosewood or Sheesham Wood is found in the Indian subcontinent. The trees live for more than two decades and are recorded to grow to a height of 30 meters or more. Beds made from Sheesham Wood-look very sleek and sophisticated when polished as their grain is well defined. 

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Centaurus Sheesham bed is easy to assemble and can be assembled by almost everyone. Not just that, by turning this into a fun DIY project, you and your partner can have fun with this. To create the perfect bed for you, we at Wakefit went through several brainstorming sessions and more than 20 prototypes. With the help of different woodworking equipment and skilled carpenters, we finally crafted this bed for you that is not only sturdy and firm but can be put together by just tightening four nuts.

This bed is easy on your pocket as well. With brilliant features, such as firmness, durability, easy assembly, and hypoallergenic quality, the bed does not make you break the bank. 

Through the Centaurus bed, Wakefit plans to give you the perfect sleep you have been craving all this while. The well built supporting frame will ensure your spine gets the support it needs. 

You can buy the bed here. Solid wood king size bed and wooden queen size bed both are available here. Good sleep is only a click away from you!  

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