Comfy Couches Just Got Way More Comfortable with Wakefit!

WakeFit Sofa

Are you looking for a sofa set that is both practical and aesthetic? We have got your back! Finding a stylish modern sofa set just got easier with Wakefit. Our new line of sofas, the Wakefit Napper Sofa, the Wakefit Snoozer Sofa, and the Wakefit Lounger Sofa, will make your home the new chill zone! These comfortable and luxurious sofas are available online for a pocket pinch that leaves you happy and satisfied. Let us introduce you to our new line of sofas, available as both a single-seater sofa as well as a sectional sofa set.  

WakeFit Sofa

Wakefit Comfy Couches 

  • Wakefit Napper Sofa 

Don’t we love jumping onto our sofa and sinking into it at the end of a long day? Our Napper Sofa takes that feeling to the next level by offering enough space for you to nap too. Becoming a serial napper may be on the cards with this beauty of a couch! 

The Wakefit Napper Sofa is upholstered in different colours, hues that will up the style quotient of your living room space. The design is such that the sofa is both robust and durable. The Neem wood gives the sofa its sturdiness as well as its durability. 

With cushions that can be removed or rearranged, you can create that perfect spot for yourself before binge-watching your favourite episode. We call this the King of Comfy Couches for a reason! The sofa comes with a warranty of three yours and can be yours in just a click

  • Wakeift Snoozer Sofa 

On sturdy legs made of wood, the Wakefit Snoozer Sofa marries comfort to style effortlessly. The space between the base of the seats and the floor allows you to keep it clean and dust-free. The armrest is angular to give it a sophisticated look and the cushions tossed around to lend the sofa the finesse it deserves. 

You can opt for a three-seater, two-seater, or a one-seater Wakefit Snoozer Sofa. You can opt for sectional chaises that are right-aligned or left-aligned depending on your space and individual preference. 

The sofa comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty and can be availed right here.

  • Wakefit Lounger Sofa 

True to its name, the Wakefit Lounger Sofa allows you to lounge away to glory with your favorite snacks and your favorite folks! The comfortable seating ergonomics ensure that while you have fun, your body is supported well. 

The Lounger Sofa is a tufted collection made with a hardwood frame. This gives the couch its durability and strength. The seats are constructed with high-density foam to make the seating experience a luxurious one.  

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