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Different Types of Mattresses for Sound Sleep

Different types of mattresses

Is your mattress older than a decade? Is it still providing you with the comfort and support it used to? If the answer to these questions is a ‘No’, then it’s time you must consider changing your mattress. There are a lot of different types of mattresses available in the market nowadays but a good mattress is one that relieves pressure on your joints and body.

The sleep quality on the mattress declines as it ages. It is a gradual process and you might not even realise the declining sleep quality.

Talking about the types of mattresses, the major conflict lies between the foam mattress vs spring counterpart. It’s often a difficult choice to choose from when it’s time to replace your mattress. Hence, this blog will provide more information regarding the two so you can make a fair choice.

Mattresses are available in a broad range of materials and technologies to fit your budget and needs. Choosing the right kind of mattress is highly subjective, as only you could know what fits best for your comfort needs. You should look at different types of mattresses in order to determine which is most appropriate for you.

Different types of mattresses

The Different Types of Mattresses for You to Choose

Your back’s health needs the right support. But for that, you should understand the various types of mattresses available. This way, you’ll understand what kind of support your body needs. So, let’s dive into the different types of mattresses available these days to choose from. From spring to foam mattresses, there are a huge number of options for you.

1. Innerspring mattress

It has a steel coil support system, which comes in many varieties like many springs connected into a single unit and the ones having individually wrapped pocketed coils. The shape of springs, design, gauge and number of coils may be different within the range available. One can choose the best fit for them, but ideally, the one having a greater number of coils provides more points of support.

2. Pillow-top mattress

One of the varieties of mattresses that most aren’t aware of is the pillow-top mattress. There is an extra layer of upholstery sewed onto the top of the mattress, so it looks as if there are pillows on top. This layer generally has a variety of fibres and foams.

3. Hybrid mattress

The support system of a hybrid mattress has components that different types of mattresses have as well. For eg, steel coils, polyurethane, memory foam (viscoelastic) or latex foam, along with other foams and gels.

You might have heard of the foam mattress. But most are not aware of the variations within. The types of foam mattresses are available in the market like memory foam, gel foam, bonded foam mattress, etc. There are a variety of foam types to create speciality foam mattresses each for different use. Gels or materials are also a common addition to the foam, which can either be polyurethane, memory (viscoelastic), or latex.

Moreover, you can choose any one of the different types of mattresses from a wide range of foam shapes and densities to create mattresses that have different characteristics such as comfort, feel, and heat dispersal. At Wakefit, choose from a wide range and types of foam mattresses that can help improve your sleep quality!

4. Gel mattress

Several gel-infused foam mattresses use gel in their support system, upholstery layers, or both. To add the gel to the foam, the indulgence of a particular technology is vital. It is not as simple as it seems. And with the help of those, the many different types of gel foams arrive! And these can provide consumers with different levels of comfort, feel, and heat dissipation benefits.

5. Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress consolidates a layer of adaptable padding with springs or backing froth. Memory foam utilises your body heat to relax and form your shape. This offers noteworthy help and solace. Whenever the pressure goes away, memory foam generally come back. And over the long run, this type of mattress will memorise your sleeping posture and body shape. Therefore, it gets its name as ‘memory’.

6. Latex Foam Mattress

The latex foam mattress uses a 7 zone design, where blocks from latex consist of different densities so that each part of your body has the right kind of support. The middle section of the mattress provides a higher degree of support to the heavier regions of your body such as the hips and shoulders and the parts that are meant to support your thighs, feet and neck and are made to be medium soft to provide lighter support.

Hence, the latex counterpart is one of the types of mattresses that conforms to individual weight zones of your body, giving you a highly customised level of comfort and providing support where it is needed the most.

7. Dual Comfort Mattress

The Dual Comfort Mattress gives the sleeper two sorts of comfort with two layers of foam and is usable on the two sides. Inverse surfaces have an inverse feel as far as hardness. One side gives a delicate, cloud-like inclination, while the opposite side gives a medium-firm inclination that offers firm support. An individual can pick any sleeping surface in view of their solace inclination and changing atmospheric conditions. In warm climates, you can have a milder sleeping side and in winters, a harder sleeping side is ideal.

8. Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

An orthopaedic memory foam mattress aims at providing support for our bones and joints. It does this with the support that is ideal for the spine, joints, and muscles. A good orthopaedic mattress will ideally ensure that your spine is well supported and that the pressure is evenly distributed along the length of the body.
Moreover, this helps the user in correcting a poor sleeping posture and reduces the soreness that those with back problems often experience. This happens due to the set of mattress layers and their firm sleeping surface. Over the years, orthopaedic mattresses have evolved to create solutions through layers that solve specific problems for those suffering from back issues. It is considered as one of the best mattress for back pain.

Which Type of Mattress is Best?

Every individual has different needs, sleep problems and therefore have varied preferences of bed mattress types. Responding to such individual needs, mattress manufacturing brands have come up with a variety of bed mattress types, as a result of years of continuous research in the field. It is important to keep one’s needs in mind while choosing the right kind of mattress for oneself.

Foam Mattress vs. Spring Mattress

The memory foam mattress came before spring mattresses, but that does not make one outdated and the other technologically advanced. Unlike memory foam mattress that conforms to the body shape and relieves pressure, the spring mattresses tend to be bouncier.

The process of choosing the right mattress for your needs can be confusing with numerous choices available. Each type of mattress has its own advantages and disadvantages. In the event that you cannot decide between the options available, choosing a hybrid might be your best option. Having two different types of mattresses combined into one is one of the benefits of high-quality hybrids. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose the best mattress type for a good night’s sleep!

types of mattresses

Frequently Asked Questions On Different Types Of Mattresses

  • How frequently would it be advisable for me to purchase another mattress?

Most mattress producers suggest you purchase another sleeping pad each 7 – 10 years, numerous specialists citing 8 years.

  • Which is a better mattress to choose from: a foam mattress vs spring mattress?

Memory foam is normally known to be more solid on the grounds that the absence of coils lessens the risk of sagging. The spring and loop layer makes spring beddings bouncier contrasted with memory foam. 

  • Which type of mattress is best for the body?

Memory foam mattress permits your body to sink totally, and this is the justification for why it can cause back and pelvic pain issues in certain individuals. 

  • What are the different types of mattresses used in 5-star hotels?

5-star hotels generally use memory foam or innerspring mattresses.

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