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Smart & Functional Living Room Furniture for Small Spaces

Living room furniture for small spaces

It often happens that as your dream home decor ideas become bigger, your spaces may seem too small to contain them. Yet, your home, especially your living- room can fulfill all your requirements, unhindered. This is provided that your furniture not only supports all your utility needs but adds style to your small living room decor as well.

Living room furniture for small spaces can be chic yet functional. It is not just important that you find the right ones, but understand how to arrange them as well. So get cosy and read on to find out how to make the best use of your space.

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Four Modern Living Room Furniture for Small Spaces

Living room furniture for small spaces is designed to accommodate all your belongings into compact spaces. Here are a few essential furniture for small rooms:

1) Stylish sofas for small spaces:

Sofas are where we host our guests, but also where we put our feet up and sink into after a long day. It is one of the most essential pieces of furniture for small rooms in our home.

Here are some sofa set designs  you may like for a small living room:

L-Shaped Sofas:

An ideal small living room furniture is one that can be tucked into the room layout while providing ample space to move around as well. An L-shaped sofa does the trick with great mastery. 

The L-shaped model, among all different types of sofa set designs for a small living room, can be neatly tucked into any corner of the room, without any compromise on comfort and great conversation.

Snoozer Sofas:

Nothing invites you to relax more than a sofa designed especially for that. Snoozer sofas can be single or even three-seaters, modelled to be there for your break time. This small living room furniture even comes with armrests and head rests that lets you lay back to make your every quick nap feel like a breezy Sunday afternoon fiesta.

To spice up your living room decor, you can even opt for aesthetically pleasing recliner sofa designs


One of the cutest living room furniture ideas is an ottoman.These are small poufs or cushioned square-tables, that usually complements your other living room furniture for small spaces. 

When you’re planning the furniture for small rooms,  it’s always space-efficient to mix your furniture shapes and sizes. This is where a comfortably snug ottoman can be just what your living space needs- as an extra seat, small table, or even a leg rest!

2) Tastefully Modern TV Units

When trying to save space, a logical decision would be to wall-mount the TV. However, what if we told you that you’re saving more space by placing it on a table? 

This is a possibility when the elegantly crafted TV units have curated shelves and racks to organise all your quintessential living room items like books, newspapers, photo frames, centre-pieces, etc.

3) Bold and Brilliant Bookshelves

When you’re considering living room furniture for small spaces, think about what you use the room for the most. When not entertaining guests, most of the time in the living room is dedicated to reading the morning paper, or engrossing in a gripping read. 

A designer bookshelf is a smart addition to your small living room furniture family. Some are designed to do the deed, and some are even crafted in unique ways like a ladder or a checker-board, being a feast for your mind and eyes at once. 

4) Conversational Coffee Tables

In most compact homes, the living room triples as a space for dining, lounging and even reading corner for kids. When this is the way homes are design in a modern, fast-paced environment, your living furniture for small spaces must include a coffee table.

A well-designed coffee table maximises space by allowing storage, placements and even decor- all in one! You can either place these on the centre of your living space like in Monica Geller’s apartment or towards the side (where Joey and Chandler keep their beer in their apartment). Either way, they are an intelligent space-saver in your living room,

Space-Saving Hacks

Now that you have an idea of the types of living room furniture for small spaces, here are some simple, easily doable hacks to make the best use of your cosy space:

1) Clear the Clutter:

The most fundamental trick to making your small space appear larger is to declutter it. This allows for plenty of walking space or just enough room for sunlight to fall. 

One way to organise your things would be to arrange them out-of-sight (in closed cabinets, within TV units, etc).

2) Strategic Funiture Arrangement:

While some would think that pushing your furniture towards walls and corners can create the illusion of a larger space, creating a more closely-knit arrangement towards the centre, with empty spaces around it is better.

Furniture for small rooms can also be as diverse as possible- in size, texture, material, and type. 

3) Ventilation goes a long way:

A bright and airy room immediately fills the room with the warmth and ventilation of a large room. Place furniture like a lounger sofa, or a reading chair, near the windows to make it more functionally spectacular.

You can even add light-colored drapes for some mid-century take on your modern living room. 

Choose multifunctional living room furniture for small spaces

In any small space, smart living trumps sophisticated living. This is why it’s wiser to choose furniture like your side cabinets or coffee tables that acts as a great small living room decor yet allows for great utility and storage as well. 

No matter what furniture you choose, and how you decide to arrange them, make sure that your living room is a reflection of your taste and personality. Fill it up with memorabilia, pictures and art that reminds you of great times and shows your guests that no matter how small your space, you’re living a large life!

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