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Sankranti And Pongal Decoration Ideas For Your Home In 2023

The month of January starts vibrantly with the festival of Pongal and Sankranti. Celebrated in South, North and West India, respectively, these festivals conjure celebration, feasts, and vivacious décor in the homes of friends and family. 

Sankranthi, Makar Sankranthi, or Pongal (as known in the South) celebrates the start of the harvest season in India. This is often marked with bespoke Pongal decoration and Sankranthi theme decoration in the front and backyard of homes using intricate designs that fit the festivities. Women of the house wake up before sunrise to draw unique Pongal kolam designs to welcome good fortune into the home. Want to know how you can celebrate these festivals in zeal and with a fresh look for your home? Fret not. Here are some exceptional Pongal decoration ideas that can uplift your space, keeping the festive spirits high!

Tips On How To Style Your Home With Unique Pongal Decoration Ideas

1. Create A Magical Space In Your Home With Pongal Decoration Lighting Ideas:

The festival of Makar Sankranthi signifies the importance of turning away from the darkness and turning to the light within us. This message is often represented in Pongal decoration themes across homes and offices celebrating using fancy lighting and oil lamps.

While most of us are used to hanging fairy lights or other decorative lights outside our homes during festivals, why not invest in stylish and unique lamps that can instantly create a ‘wow’ factor inside your home too? After all, festivals are all about hosting friends and family, and what better way than to enlighten your space with gorgeous incandescent hanging pendant lamps? 

Pick a stunning Sankranthi theme decoration lamp like the Wakefit Sohonie Hanging Pendant that has a floral design and a mesmerising gold and green colour combination. Hang this in the corner of your living space with floral decoration and drapes to go with it. You’ll have a glowing, dedicated, decorative corner to hypnotiseyour friends and family in conversation.

2. Accessorise Your Walls With Pongal Wall Décoration Ideas

Move away from the temporary hanging floral décor for walls and accessorise them with splendid wall accessories that fit within the Sankranthi theme decoration agenda. For example, upgrade your existing wall clock by replacing it with a sophisticated, stylish, and modern clock in festive golden colour with stones embedded. The Wakefit Compton Wall Clock sets a stunning example of a wall piece that is functional and a decorative dream for any mundane wall space. 

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3. Simple Pongal Decoration Ideas: Change Curtains To Lighter Shades

Hear us out. Making a small change can make a massive impact on a small apartment. Your living room can look bigger and more, it will create the perfect canvas to the Pongal decoration in the living room. Another tip is to create beautiful drapes using bright sarees or dupattas as backdrops for pujas or a photo corner.  

4. Inculcate the Traditional Pongal Decoration Ideas: Add Kites

No Sankranti theme decoration is complete without kites in it. So create the festive buzz by including your friends and family in creating DIY kites in vibrant colours that can be hung as part of your décor around the house. 

5. Colourful Ideas For Pongal Floor Decorations:

Ramp up your Pongal decoration this year with stunning rangoli designs as part of celebrations at home. Enthrall visitors of your space with creative Pongal floor decorations that include detailed ethnic rangoli designs like peacocks, a bull kolam, the traditional Pongal pot or the divine lotus flower. 

Want the perfect Pongal decoration ideas in office or home that are affordable and trendy? Make a beautiful mandala geometric design with 4-5 colours. Then, make sure to draw these rangoli’s or kolams at the entrance of your home or office and have passersby take a double turn! 

6. Eco-friendly Pongal Decoration Ideas:

The colour theme of Pongal and Sankranthi signifies new beginnings, prosperity and abundance. This is represented by using Pongal decoration ideas with the central colour green, with two of the main Pongal festival decoration ideas inspired straight from nature. An integral part of these is the use of earthen pots to represent the cooking of Pongal. First, paint these pots with natural dyes to create an appealing centrepiece. Then, adorn these with beads, mirrors, strings of flowers and other visually enticing embellishments. 

It is also common to use sugarcane sticks as props to represent the harvest season and the sweetness of the festival. For example, use tall sugarcane sticks with leaves to give a ‘frilly’ front to the Pongal decoration at home. 


Every living room has a story. For many, it’s a common room to relax after a long day’s work. For others, it is the central space for friends and family to gather and celebrate festivities. So enjoy this Pongal with these unique yet easy decoration ideas for your home in 2023.

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