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3 Door Wardrobe at Wakefit

When investing in a 3 door wardrobe, storage space is definitely the top concern. Will this 3 door almirah be enough for you to store everything you own? From your precious collectibles to your essentials, everything needs to be housed by this 3 door almirah. A 3 door wardrobe is an almirah solution that meets almost every need. It fits everything while itself taking very little space in your room. A 3 door wardrobe online maximises utility, and if you go for a 3 door wooden wardrobe, then you will also be ticking the style box. The inside of your wooden wardrobe or almirah needs to accommodate a flexible and practical arrangement of spaces. This way your stuff will fit in neatly, even though the size and volume of your belongings will change over the years. At Wakefit, you can buy 3 door almirah online that will meet all your storage needs at great prices.

3 Door Wardrobe Design

At Wakefit, we now have sleek and modern engineered wood 2 door, 3 door and 4 door wardrobe designs that work for every kind of household. If you’re looking for various options of wooden 3 door wardrobe design, you must explore our range of 3 door wardrobe. Our 3 door wardrobe design range has a rich wood texture which makes them a steal. Wakefit’s 3 door wardrobe design comes with a drawer option that gives you the security of locking up your valuables in a safe and secure manner. The shelf size of our 3 door almirah will ensure that you can store everything you need, neatly in one place. The shelves of our 3 door wardrobe design are big and spacious so that you can stock up on a lot of your garments without any space constraints. While our 2 door wardrobe comes with 5 big shelves, our 3 door wardrobe range comes with 3 big and 3 small shelves, which offer a convenient organizational system. If you have a need for more storage, then we would recommend our Plaid, Organza, Gingham and Cashmere wooden almirah.

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The engineered wood used in making the 3 door wardrobe at Wakefit is treated to be moisture and termite resistant.. This makes our 3 door wooden almirah online durable with minimum maintenance. Simply wipe the 3 door almirah clean and make sure it stays dry. The best thing about our 3 door wardrobe online is that they can be dismantled and reassembled. This means our almirah range is also designed for people who are always on the move.

What are you waiting for? Buy Wakefit’s 3 door almirah online and enjoy a 1 year warranty on it.

3 Door Wardrobe prices

3 Door wardrobe Price (Starting from)
Wakefit Tartan 3 Door Wardrobe ₹ 13,497
Wakefit Gingham 3 Door Wardrobe ₹ 13,227
Wakefit Cashmere 3 Door Wardrobe ₹ 16,000

Wakefit Products

Wakefit has now been in existence since 2016. Over the last few years, we have serviced over 5 lakh customers, sold over 7 lakh products and spent at least 1500 hours in research and development. We pride ourselves on being customer centric and providing our customers with the very best of service. We have spent our initial years talking to our customers to understand their needs better and creating products that cater to those needs. This is the ethos of our company and we believe that the only way to succeed is to solve a problem our users face in their daily lives. After building a successful line of sleep products online, we now have a line of home products online, designed to be ergonomic solutions for the modern indian household. We believe in creating and selling products of the highest quality at the very best of prices, so that true comfort is accessible to everyone in India.

Our other products include Mattress Protectors, comforters, Shoe Racks, Wall Hanging Shelves, Study Tables, Office Chairs online, 2 door Wardrobe, 3 door Wardrobe, 4 door Wardrobes…… the list goes on. Explore more now on and find solutions that work for you in creating the perfect home, without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the 3 door wardrobe anti-termite?

→ The engineered wood used in making the three door wardrobe at Wakefit is treated to be moisture and termite resistant. This makes our 3 door wardrobe design durable with minimum maintenance.

2. Is the lock on the 3 door wardrobe strong ?

→ Yes, the lock on our 3 door cupboard is sturdy. To ensure the same, we have provided a multi-purpose lock for the three door wardrobe with two latches.

3. Is the 3 door almirah moisture resistant? Can we keep the wooden almirah in an AC room?

→ Yes, you can keep your 3 door wardrobe in an air-conditioned room. However, please make sure that you regularly wipe the three door almirah dry and avoid dampness.

4. Can I keep my 3 door wardrobe in direct sunlight?

→ No, we don't recommend that. Keeping the wooden almirah in direct sunlight can hamper the finish of the product and make it look older. In order to not ruin the texture and the polish, we suggest you avoid placing your 3 door wardrobe in direct sunlight.

5. Can customers have an option to view the 3 door wardrobe before delivery?

→ Customers can visit Wakefit Experience Centers available in selected cities to explore our wide range of 3 door wardrobe design. Not just that, when at the experience center, you can get a feel and understanding of all our products. Come visit us, look and try our products yourself and then decide what suits best for your home.

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