6 Things That Shouldn’t Be in the Bedroom


You will agree without any reservations that your bedroom is the coziest and the most private place in your house, where you can relax and unwind. It is the place where you can be yourself without any inhibitions. While most interior decorators opine and recommend that a bedroom should be clutter-free and aesthetically designed, due to space constraints, it is the bedroom that turns into a multi-dimensional utilitarian space. As a result, sleep patterns and rest time do get hampered drastically.

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Mentioned below are 6 things, which should not be there in the bedroom:

  1. Food items like snacks – You have always been told not to bring food to your bedroom. Yes, it is a very bad habit to eat food and/or drink any beverages on the bed. No matter how careful you may be, there are high chances that food crumbs or accidental spills will happen, dirtying your bed in the process. These are open invitations for the creepy crawlies and various insects to come into your bed. Cockroaches are probably the most common insects that are attracted to food crumbs and liquid spills. Refrain from bringing in any kind of food or beverages to the bedroom; not even snacks. Also, get rid of any random, used dishes that may be strewn around the room.
  1. Items of hygiene and beauty – You must understand that a bedroom is a place reserved for sleep, rest, and privacy. It is not a place for keeping your beauty and hygiene items. Your deodorants, face washes, makeup items, and other beauty products will not only clutter the bedroom but also make the space messy and congested. To make the room clutter-free and neat, shift all these items to the bathroom or to a closet that is easily accessible and not clutter your room.
  1. Television – According to sleep experts, a television set in the bedroom hampers sleep due to the emission of light from the screen. In most households, the television set in the bedroom is turned on and left running until the person drifts off to sleep. This electronic device can be a great distraction that not only emits light radiations but also could hinder REM sleep. Keep the television where it belongs – in the living room.
  1. Work – DO NOT take work into the bedroom. If you have work left over after a long day at the office and need to complete it at home, sit in the living room and/or study and get it done. But do not bring it to the bedroom. Nowadays, most of the work is done on a laptop or a computer or involves the use of a smartphone. The light from these devices is detrimental to sleep. Simply keep them away from your bedroom, if you wish to enjoy a good night’s rest.
  1. Clutter and mess – If you look closely, you will find that your bedroom is a place that has loads of clutter and mess strewn around. All the unnecessary items and mess there is enough to stress you out and cause anxiety. The items just pile up and create towers of useless clutter! Try to clear the clutter and mess via a sale or a cleanout spree and keep your room clean, to feel fresh and rejuvenated.
  1. Pets – Most pet lovers love to bring their pets to the bed and cuddle with them to sleep. But this is not a very good idea! Pets tend to shed fur, which will accumulate on your mattress and attract insects like ticks and fleas. Also, there are high chances that the pets might transfer various kinds of insects, including mites and ticks along with a foul-smelling fecal matter to the bed. If you are someone who cannot keep your pets away, be sure to clean your bedding thoroughly before going to sleep.

Follow these simple but extremely easy instructions and have a good night’s sleep without any hindrances and problems.

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