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How To Choose A Perfect Mattress?

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Shopping for that best mattress which provides great comfort and support is a challenge for everyone. More so, for people who are tall and big as there are very few models that suit them. Moreover being tall and having a larger body means that that are certain factors that you cannot compromise if you are looking for a comfortable and quality night’s sleep. Read below to learn how to find the best bed for people who are tall and big.

Mattress size:  If you are big and tall and are more than 6 feet tall then finding the right size is based on how you sleep. A California king bed is of 84 inches long, and people who are less than 6’8” tall can sleep comfortably well. If you are taller than that, you may have to go for a custom-made mattress for sale. However, before you jump into getting a custom made mattress, determine your sleeping position and how you sleep.

  • A twin-xl is 80 inches length and a person who is of 6’6” can sleep with legs stretched, but the width is small. It is suited for people who don’t move around much and sleep-tight.
  • If you sleep corner-to-corner and are looking for more width, then a queen-size mattress of 60’ width*75’ length will suffice.
  • A king or even a queen-sized mattress is wider and is sufficient for two people who are as tall as 6’7”. If you want more space and often end up sleeping with kids, then a king-size mattress which is wider than the queen bed is suitable.

Depending on how tall you are and how much you move around one can choose to buy a mattress online which is long.

Based on weight: The comfort the mattress provides is also dependant on the sleeper’s weight and body type. The weight and sleeping position determines the firmness level of the mattress.

  • Sleepers who weigh less than 150 pounds: Lighter sleepers need a mattress which is soft or plush as a firm mattress cannot provide the much-needed support to the body. The mattress does not contour to the body and thus increases the pressure points on the hips and shoulders. To get the right benefits from the mattress, a firmness level of 3 to 5 is recommended for small-sized people.
  • Sleepers with 150 to 200 pounds: A medium to the medium-firm mattress in the range of 4 to 6 is recommended for such sleepers as it provides enough support for a comfortable sleep. Since the mattress is firmer, the body does not sink in and reduces pressure on the hips and shoulders.
  • Sleepers over 230 pounds: Heavier people put pressure on the mattress and thus they should opt for a firmer range of 6 to 8. A softer mattress means that the body sinks and there is no support.

Sleeping position:  

  • Side sleepers: A firmness range of 3 to 7 is which is soft to the medium-firm is best suited for this sleeping position as it provides a cushion to the hips and shoulders and also improves the spine alignment.
  • Back sleepers: They need enough support to the lower back so that the natural curve is maintained. So WakeFit recommends a mattress in 4 to 7 firmness range.
  • Stomach sleepers: People who sleep in this position should avoid a soft mattress to prevent the body from sinking. Moreover, it disturbs the natural curve of the back and hence should opt for a firmness level of 4 and 7.

The other criteria that you look for are the mattress price in India, the comfort, durability, support and the brand which is more of individual preference. Using the above guidelines, you can find the best mattress for a comfortable sleep.

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