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    Buy Wall Mirror Online From Wakefit India At Best Price

    Step into the world of sophistication at Wakefit, the premier destination for home decor. At Wakefit, we believe every element, from essential pieces of furniture like sofas, beds, and tables to typical home decor items like lamps and mirrors, contributes to the overall aesthetics of the home. Every element has a part to play in creating the ultimate haven a house is destined to become. Even something as commonplace as a wall mirror holds the extraordinary power to elevate a living space. When you buy wall mirrors, you're not just purchasing a piece of polished glass that can reflect just your image, but rather, something that has the potential to reflect your entire personality.

    Wall mirrors are a multipurpose home decor item that has been used for decades by interior decorators while designing beautiful homes. Wakefit offers a wide variety of wall mirrors for homes that have been meticulously crafted to balance beauty and functionality. With their presence, these mirrors can effortlessly enhance the style of the room and also create an illusion of depth and space while simultaneously brightening the room.

    Browse through our mirror selection to find and buy the best one that suits your needs. Whether you want to make a statement in the living room, create an illusion of space in the bedroom, or revamp the bathroom, our range of wall mirrors is sure to meet your expectations. From bathroom wall mirrors to living room wall mirrors, our collection adds a touch of style and elegance to the space it is placed in. We have a curated selection of small and large wall mirrors that blend seamlessly with your interiors and elevate the decor to great heights. And, the biggest plus point is that all of our products are extremely budget-friendly!

    Before you start shopping, take a quick look at this guide that will help you in your journey to find the best wall mirrors.

    Shop For Modern Wall Art Design

    It's time to elevate your space with stylish modern wall art. Today, wall art serves not only a functional purpose but also enhances the overall aesthetics of your walls and room. If you're looking to elevate your space with personality and sophistication, consider investing in trendsetting modern wall art designs. The benefits of opting for modern wall art extend beyond mere decoration.

    1. Contemporary Aesthetic: Modern wall art pieces often feature bold colours, abstract patterns, and sleek lines, creating a contemporary aesthetic that complements your interior decor style. Choose a wall art design that harmonizes with your existing decor, adding a touch of modern flair.
    2. Versatility: Modern wall art decor comes in various shapes, designs, and sizes, making it a versatile addition to any space. Whether you prefer a minimalist design or a vibrant abstract piece, there's modern wall art to suit your taste and preferences.
    3. Expressive Creativity: Unlike traditional wall art decor ideas, modern pieces offer a wide range of designs, allowing you to express your creativity. Select from an array of diverse collections to make your wall art a focal point and a conversation starter when guests visit.
    4. Affordable Ambiance Enhancement: Modern wall decor ideas offer an affordable way to uplift the ambiance of any room. Whether you're aiming for a vibrant look in your living room or seeking a subtle presence in the bedroom, modern wall clocks can set the tone and elevate the space effortlessly.

    Invest in our high-quality wall art design that resonate with your style and enhance the value of your home with their artfully crafted designs.

    Different Shapes Of Wall Mirror Available At Wakefit

    Wall mirrors are not just reflective surfaces. They are essential elements in interior decor that can transform the space. When it comes to decoration their shapes play an important role in shaping the overall aesthetics of a room. Here are some of the wall mirror shapes available at Wakefit.

  • Round mirrors: Wall mirrors of this shape are timeless and also versatile. They add a balance and softness to the decor that works well in contemporary or traditional settings. These mirrors create a sense of harmony and balance, making them a popular choice for bathrooms, living rooms and entryways.
  • Rectangular mirrors: This wall mirror design and shape are understated but classic. They are a great choice in rooms that need clean lines and symmetry, such as a dining room or above a mantel. These mirrors make a room appear larger and better organized.
  • Oval mirrors: These wall mirrors add a touch of sophistication and softness to the space. They create a great sense of flow and movement in the room and are excellent choices in dressing areas, bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Square mirrors: These are wall mirrors that are known for their classic simplicity. They are used in modern and minimalist interiors to create a focal point and also add elegance to the room.
  • Abstract mirrors: These are decorative wall mirrors that come in many unconventional designs and shapes and are a great art form for the wall. They are perfect for eclectic and contemporary interiors, adding a sense of personality and creativity to the space.
  • Irregular mirrors: These are trendy, freeform-shaped designer mirrors. They are playful and are excellent for spaces where you want to add a sense of intrigue.
  • The choice of the wall mirror shape is a decision that has a major impact on the room. Whether you choose a classic round mirror or a bold abstract mirror, each wall mirror has an unmissable charm and an impactful effect over the overall ambience of the room.

    How To Use Wall Mirrors To Decorate Your Home

    Wall mirrors can be placed anyhow or anywhere and make the space look elegant and spacious. But there are certain tricks and tips that help optimize their functionality. Here are some helpful wall mirror decor ideas that can transform the look and feel of the room.

  • Put a wall mirror in front of the window or any source of natural light so that it helps evenly disperse light into the room. This makes the room appear lit up and bright. If you don't have the option of a window, you can use artificial light too.
  • If you have a full-length mirror, choose to use it in doorways or gallery walls as these are typically cramped spaces, and having such a wall mirror placed there reduces that by reflecting light.
  • If you want to create a focal point on the wall, choose a modern wall mirror design for the living roomthat acts as an accent. Depending on the decor, opt for a traditional or contemporary wall mirror to place them as conversation starters.
  • If you have quirky decor, then choose a mirror that is of irregular or eclectic shapes to lend a unique touch to the living space. Experimenting with various shapes in different spaces of the house adds a fun element to the decor.
  • Use decorative and functional aspects of the wall mirrors to your benefit by placing them in areas like stairways or console tables. This way, you can catch a look at yourself quickly before you leave home.
  • One of the best wall mirror decor ideas is to pair framed mirrors with candle or tealight holders. Place the candles near mirrors to give a serene glow that works great in cosy areas like the bedroom or the dining room.
  • If you want to make bedrooms or living rooms appear bigger, then one of the best bedroom wall mirror ideas is to strategically place large rectangular wall mirrors in front of windows. This creates the illusion of a wide and expansive space within the room.
  • Selecting The Perfect Wall Mirrors For Your Home

    Wakefit has an extensive collection of wall mirrors that can suit every sort of style and budget. However, as there are so many styles and types of wall mirrors available, it can be a challenge to choose the right one. Here are a few key factors to consider when choosing the perfect wall mirror to complement the decor:

  • Frame
  • The frame of the wall mirrors plays a major role in the overall design. Wall mirror frames can be made from many materials, like metal, glass and even wood. Choose a frame that syncs with the room's decor and the style that you aim for. Also, consider the colour of the frame when picking a mirror. A silver or black frame creates a bold contrast against a neutral wall, while a brown frame blends in with most palettes.

  • Shape
  • Wall mirrors are made in diverse shapes, from abstract freeform types to classic rectangles and circles. Choose a wall mirror shape that fulfils the purpose of the mirror and complements the existing design of the room. For instance, an oval mirror is perfect in bathrooms as it takes up less space, while a vertically positioned rectangular mirror is often placed above dressing tables.

  • Quality
  • Quality is a top priority when buying a mirror, as this affects its functionality. A good quality mirror should reflect distortionless and clear images. The glass should be thick and durable, and not easily breakable. The mirror frame should be sturdy for lasting performance. Also, pay attention to the edges, as smooth edges not only look visually appealing but also prevent the risk of injuries.

  • Installation
  • Consider the installation process when purchasing a mirror. Determine the mounting method and choose something that provides stable and secure support. Also, check the weight capacity of the mount so that it is safe for larger or heavier wall mirrors. Look for easily adjustable and flexible mounting if you plan to change the wall mirror's position.

    Why Choose Wakefit For Your Bedroom Furnishing Needs?

    A well-designed bedroom is the ultimate relaxation centre. It is a place to relax and recharge after a tiring day. At Wakefit, our umpteen years of experience in the furniture retail industry have given us a deep insight into the several aspects that need to be factored in while creating the perfect bedroom. Our commitment towards the fulfillment of our customers' varied expectations can be easily seen in the quality of the bedroom furnishing products that we deal in. Here's why our clients choose Wakefit for their bedroom furnishing needs:

  • Top-notch quality: Wakefit is renowned for high-quality products crafted from premium materials. Whether it is mattresses, beds or home decor items, each product is rigorously tested to ensure longevity and durability.
  • Best prices: Wakefit offers products at highly competitive prices, thus ensuring quality sleep solutions are accessible to all. When you shop at Wakefit, you can furnish a bedroom without breaking the bank.
  • Worry-free shopping experience: We offer safe payment methods for online shoppers, along with the best industry warranty and trial periods for our products, thus ensuring our clients' full satisfaction.
  • Extensive collections and product variations: Wakefit offers a comprehensive range of bedroom products, including bed frames, bedside tables, wardrobes, and more. You can find everything you require to create a stylish and comfortable bedroom environment, both on our site as well as in our stores.
  • Innovative solutions: Wakefit prioritises offering innovative sleep solutions that prioritise support and comfort. From advanced mattress technologies to ergonomic designs, Wakefit products are designed to enhance overall wellbeing.
  • Convenience: With both online and offline shopping, Wakefit ensures flexibility and convenience during your shopping experience. You can visit our store to get a firsthand look at the bedroom furnishings, or shop from the comfort of your home and have products delivered to your doorstep.
  • Customer satisfaction: Wakefit values its customers, focuses on customer satisfaction and provides the best customer service throughout the shopping experience. Whether you need assistance with choosing the right products or require support after your purchase, we have a dedicated team ready to assist.
  • So, don't hesitate! Revamp your bedroom by shopping at Wakefit.


    1.What are the benefits of using wall mirrors in home decor beyond aesthetics?

    Beyond aesthetics, wall mirrors create an illusion of space and brighten the room while also fulfilling the functional purpose of checking your appearance.

    2.Are there specific styles or shapes of wall mirrors that work best in certain rooms?

    Round mirrors work well in entryways, living rooms or bedrooms. Oval mirrors are useful in bathrooms and bedrooms. Decorative mirrors are useful for creating accent walls.

    3.Can wall mirrors help create the illusion of more space in smaller rooms?

    Yes. Wall mirrors can help create the illusion of more space in smaller rooms as they reflect light and make the space appear bigger. Place large rectangular mirrors in front of a light source, such as a window, to achieve this.

    4.Are there special considerations for securely hanging wall mirrors?

    Use the right anchors that support the mirror's weight. Depending on the wall type, you may have to choose the type of anchors to hold the mirror's weight. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to determine the type of anchor that should be used to secure the mirror.

    5.How can I ensure that the wall mirror I choose complements the existing decor in my home?

    To ensure that the wall mirror complements the existing decor, consider the overall style, theme, and colour scheme of the space, size and proportion of the wall, and the intended placement of the mirror.

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