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Give your bare walls a shelf-makeover

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Why stare at a blank wall when you could be gawking at a beautiful wall shelf with all the memorabilia you have collected over the years? Wakefit’s wooden wall shelves are here to do just that. Practical as well as chic, these wooden wall shelves are easy to assemble and easier to dismantle, making it effortless for you to pack while moving houses. Created with engineered wood that is treated, these wall shelves for bedroom will help you organize your space in the most stylish way possible. If you want these wall shelves for the living room instead, then to their rich Columbian walnut color will up the oomph factor of your sitting space. 

Wakefit’s decorative wall shelves are created with engineered wood to give the furniture the light feel while being sturdy enough to hold your collectibles and prized possessions. The shelves are easy to maintain as well. All you need is a dry piece of clean cloth and you are golden. Do not use a solution that is abrasive or rub the shelves too hard in order to protect the shine and the finish. The wall shelves are durable and are not affected by any kind of weather. However, do make sure that they are placed somewhere where there is no to little moisture so that the wood is protected. 

Wakefit shelves

Let us now introduce you to our three wall shelves that will turn heads of your guests and be the conversation starter at your next party. 

Phoenix Wall Shelf 

A wall wood shelf today is not only a necessity but also a decor piece that can up the style factor of your entire living room. Keeping both of these factors in mind, Wakefit introduces this wall shelf design that is functional as well as social. 

Inspired by tic-tac-toe a game that almost all of us have played as children, this wall decor is a must-have that you cannot miss out on. Easy to assemble and easier to dismantle, the shelf can be effortlessly packed in case you are shifting to a new place. The Columbian Walnut shade allows this wall shelf to fit into almost any household. 

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Hamlet Wall Shelf 

hamlet wall shelf

Wakeft’s Hamlet Wall shelf is minimalist design at its best. Inspired by three boxes, this product is a must-have. With sufficient storage space, this wall shelf turns your blank wall into a work of art. You can place it in your study, in your living room, or your bedroom, and it will amp up the area with its aesthetic. 

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Macbeth Wall Shelf

The Macbeth wall shelf by Wakefit makes it possible for you to display all the belongings that you want to exhibit while also acting as a storage space that helps you manage clutter. The intersecting patterns give your modern space the edge that it needs to stand out and be the talk of the town. 

The shelf is lightweight which makes it easy for you to change its location as and when. Also, since it is easy to dismantle and can be assembled yourself, you have nothing to worry about if you are moving into a new house. 

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