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Recliner Sofa Designs

Recliner sofa designs

If you are setting up your new home, or making necessary upgrades, you might be considering different types of sofa sets for your various living spaces. If you are putting together a larger sofa set, or furnishing your whole house, you might be considering recliner sofa designs, L shaped sofas and so much more!

Recliner sofas are most often associated with casual living room style furniture. They are, however, extremely versatile and available in many styles and designs. They will blend into any modern, chic living room, a cozy bedroom for adults or children, and even an office space. 

Recliner sofa designs

Things to Consider While Exploring Recliner Sofa Designs

Room lay-out

The first thing to consider when checking out recliner sofa designs is where you want to keep and use it. If you are looking for a recliner sofa chair for a specific purpose, you will probably already have a sense of where it will go in your home. If you are exploring options for how to fill a space, consider the atmosphere, or ambience that you want to create. 

Seating area

The most common types of recliners are built to seat one person. In a standard living room set, you could replace your single seater with a single seater recliner sofa

If you are building a relaxing space, like a TV room, you might opt for a fully recliner sofa living room design. For this, consider 2 seater recliner sofa or three-seater recliner sofa, where each individual backrest and footrest moves independently.


A reclining sofa living room design makes most sense for a family-style space that is catered to lounging. It’s perfect for watching TV, listening to music, and cuddling. This style of furniture might not be as beneficial if you are trying to create a more formal space to receive guests.

Recline Mechanics

In considering version recliner sofa designs, the first thing to consider is what type of reclining mechanics make sense for your needs. There are a few different moving parts that differ across the range of recliner sofa designs. 

There is the headrest, the backrest and the footrest, all of which may or may not move in your average modern recliner sofa. Each of these pieces is controlled differently, depending on the design.

  • Traditional recliners are what most people envision when hearing the term. The backrest reclines, typically operated by a lever or button, as does the foot rest.

    There are two positions for both these pieces, which is something to consider if you are wanting a wider range of positions for the moving pieces of your sofa. 

    These chairs are often upholstered in iconic recliner sofa leather, or faux leather, which makes them perfect addition to your TV room design ideas , or for a casual hangout area in your home. Pair your recliner sofa with an ottoman for a more complete look. 
  • Sliding recliners 

There are a few different recliner sofa designs which use sliding mechanisms, such as rolling recliners, rocking recliners and gliding recliners. They are ideal for people who spend a lot more time in their chairs, particularly if you are elderly, pregnant, disabled. 

These types of recliners use a track, which may be straight or arched, to allow pieces to move through a range of positions, rather than being limited to two fixed positions. Swivelling models offer lateral motion as well, which is great for people who are setting up a home office

Many of these chairs are operated electronically. A recliner sofa massager will definitely be electronically operated, typically with a button panel built into the chair, or with a remote. 

Features of Modern Recliner Sofa

Though they use similar mechanisms of movement, many recliner sofa designs are special because of their additional features. These are particularly important to consider if you are choosing a chair for a specific person. 

Massage and heat

A recliner sofa massager is a classic image of luxury and relaxation, but can also be a necessity for people with back pain, or body aches. Some models simply vibrate at various speeds and degrees of rigour. There are also more sophisticated massagers which have mechanics that specifically target your neck, back, and calves. Recliner sofas with heating are great for colder climates and people with chronic pain. 

Support and Comfort

For people with disabilities, and elderly folks, you might need a recliner sofa chair that offers additional mobility support. Lifting recliners safely lift the person from a seated to a standing position, typically using electronic controls. 

If you are largely restricted to your chair, you might also appreciate more minor features like cup holders or arm storage. Some recliner sofa designs have added lumbar support near the lower back, which can be therapeutic and perfect for afternoon naps!


If your priority is entertainment, you could consider a modern recliner sofa that is catered to your enjoyment. If you are a gamer, there are gaming chairs designed to give you the ultimate comfort and good posture for hours at a stretch. This is also a great furniture arrangement for reading a magazine / best books to read for beginners, watching movies, listening to music and much more!

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