Spring Mattress vs Foam Mattress- Which one is best quality mattress?

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You might have often wondered which mattress wins in the spring mattress vs foam mattress in the best quality mattress battle. Well, here is the answer, directly from users of different age groups and demographics as they use these mattresses over a period of time.

There are a lot of articles and reviews out there on the internet. This is further complicated by different manufacturers claiming different benefits and in general, confusing an average reader. We started off by manufacturing all kinds of mattresses in the beginning with the different mattress price range. Since we saw all of these kinds of reviews and articles, we decided to find the truth for ourselves, from the horse’s mouth itself, so to speak.

We usually call our customers to collect feedback after they complete using the mattress for different periods of time, say, first, a second and fourth week from the time of purchase. The table below illustrates what we found by having extensive calls and feedback meetings with our customers across the country.

Time of Mattress usage What People Said – Memory Foam Mattress What People Said – Spring Mattress Actual Reason
After 1st Week It’s Comfortable! Wow 🙂 One enjoys the bumpy feel of the spring mattress
After 2 Weeks I sleep much better compared to earlier I still feel good but it’s just kind of OK By now, your body has started adapting to the surface. People using spring mattresses feel an uneasiness, sore back and even waking up in the middle of the night (partner tosses or turns, making the whole bed shake)
After 4 Weeks It’s Just Wow 🙂 I just want to sleep more and more! 30% of the customers would say – Do you guys accept returns? For spring mattresses – The situation worsens! It sometimes becomes very difficult to sleep on the bed – Back pain issues, bed making creaking noises, etc.

Consistent feedback on the lines described above, made us give up the manufacture and sale of all other kinds of mattresses. Our focus on the best quality mattresses and arriving at that perfect formulation that our customers love by extensive experimentation and research & development has yielded satisfying results. We now know the root cause behind the love shown to us by our customers on all the hundreds of reviews on the internet.

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Memory foam versus spring mattress - Real user feedback
Who is the winner in memory foam versus spring mattress? What do real users say as they continue using them for weeks and months?