Latex vs Memory Foam Pillow – Which is the Best Choice for You?


Do you often wake up with aches and pains in your neck area? This could be due to the pillows you lay your head-on. Foam is the buzzword today when it comes to pillows. Latex foam has been around for decades, while memory foam is a recent innovation. While you would think that the most recent innovation would be preferred by most people, latex foam is still a popular choice for pillows for some. So how do you know whether latex or memory foam is the best choice for you? The answer is to find out the differences and benefits of the two.


Memory Foam

Made from viscoelastic polyurethane, memory foam was originally created for astronauts to use, although it was never actually used in space. It was designed to be an innovative material, which is why it has properties that are very unusual and unique.

Although it can be hard to the touch initially, memory foam becomes soft due to the natural heat of the body. After a short while, it molds around the body. The “cushioning” feeling that memory foam provides, comes from its ability to adjust around pressure and the time it takes to bounce back into shape after an imprint has been left behind.

Benefits of Memory Foam Pillows

One of the things that makes memory foam pillows a popular choice is that they are like a contour pillow, holding the contours of the neck and head. It distributes weight evenly and relieves pressure, which in turn helps in easing neck and back pain. This means that with a memory foam pillow, you get better sleep every night and feel well rested when you wake up.

Memory foam is highly energy absorbent, making it a great choice for those who sleep with a restless sleeper as their tossing and turning will not create a ripple effect and disturb your sleep. You might like the feel of a shredded memory foam pillow, one of the popular options available.

Another benefit of a memory pillow is that it is available in a wide range – high density and low-density memory foam pillows. A low-density soft memory foam pillow is less expensive but just as comfortable – however, they will not last as long as higher density memory foam pillows.

Latex Foam

Originally known as a natural type of foam, latex is made from the sap of a specific rubber tree, the hevea-brasilienis. This sap is foamed to create an infinite number of tiny air bubbles, which are what give the foam its soft, bouncy texture.

However, you should keep in mind that nowadays, there is an increasing number of synthetic forms of latex. This type of latex is made mostly from styrene-butadiene rubber. Although synthetic latex can feel very similar to natural latex, it does not always have the same durability.

Benefits of Latex Foam Pillows

One of the best things about latex foam pillows is that they can last a long time, even longer than memory foam pillows. Plus, they mold to the contours of the neck and head but not in a rigid way. A latex pillow feels immediately softer to the touch than memory foam. It is a superb choice for people who like how memory foam feels, but not its initial firmness.

Latex is also naturally hypoallergenic and anti-fungal, making it a comfortable, hygienic choice for pillows. It dissipates heat and water better than memory foam, which means that it stays comfortable even in hot weather.

After being informed of the benefits of both memory foam and latex pillows, you can make your choice according to your unique likes and needs. As you can see, each one has its own unique benefits; so the best choice depends on personal preference. You can choose the best memory foam pillow or latex pillow and get a good night’s sleep every night.

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