Tadasana: Yoga for Sleep


Yoga is restorative. It is gentle, and often the best way to put yourself to sleep!

According to plenty of reports, people who practice yoga recommend it as a healthy lifestyle choice to get better sleep. They say it helps with stress, reduces anxiety and all kinds of tensions that modern life is filled with.

One of the yoga asanas that experts suggest for sleeplessness is the Tadasana. Since it gives your spine, hips, and thighs the nice kind of a stretch, it helps your body sleep better. By balancing your body in Tadasana, you give your mind a sense of stability, which is key to deep sleep.

Tadasana: Yoga for Sleep

What is the Tadasana?

Tadasana comes from the Sanskrit words ‘Tada’ meaning mountain and ‘Asana’ meaning posture. Therefore, Tadasana is also called Mountain Pose. Many people even call this yoga posture Samasthiti

According to yogis, the Tadasana is the mother of all asanas since it forms the base from which all the other yoga postures emerge. Almost all the standing postures that involve shifts in certain parts of your body come from tadasana or are modifications of this pose. These also involve shifts in an individual joint while the rest of the body stays neutral.

How to perform the Tadasana?

  • To begin stand straight. Your feet should be placed next to each other with no gap between them. Your thighs should be tight and your spine erect.
  • Now extend your arms in front of you and intertwine the fingers like a web. Turn them around so that your palms don’t face you.
  • Extend your intertwined fingers toward the ceiling such that the arms are straight and the elbows unbent.
  • At this point, check your posture again. Make sure your feet are together, your thigh muscles and hip muscles are tight, and your back is straight. Keep the arms extended toward the ceiling, take a deep breath and lift your body on your toes.
  • Once you have found your balance, start breathing normally. Hold the posture, and keep a smile on your face.
  • To make sure your body is straight, feel that you are being pulled by the ceiling.
  • In case you lose your balance, come down on your feet, take a deep breath and repeat. Also, be very careful with your neck. At all times, make sure you are not straining it.
  • Once you are tired, you can come out of the posture.
  • First, come down on your feet. Then lower your arms in front of you. Now free the hand and bring them next to your thighs.

What are the benefits of the Tadasana?

1. The tadasana elongates the spine, and therefore, enhances your posture.
2. The posture helps strengthen your knees, thigh muscles, and your ankles.
3. It tones your abs.
4. It reduces unwanted fat from your buttocks.
5. If you have sciatica pain, then you can practice this asana to help ease the condition.
6. This asana helps your spine become more agile.
7. The posture helps improve and regulate your digestive system as well as your nervous system.
8. The Mountain Pose helps improve balance, and as a result, can alleviate anxiety and stress, thus helping you sleep.
9. It can improve your height if performed in the formative years.
10. It enhances your sleep, thus helping you wake up feeling fit and fabulous.

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