10 apps that help you learn new skills – Lockdown life

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The lockdown life has certainly brought about a change in our daily routines that makes or breaks a habit.

Many of us want to learn something new but don’t know how to start, some of us are hooked on to scrolling feeds all day and some of us just want to laze around. 

While you sit around and enjoy your lockdown life, it’s time you brush up your skills and learn something new. Every time you learn something, you tend to feel more confident and sure about your skill while you try and use it in your work life or daily life. Explore your passion or just upskill! 

Good thing is that you can just hit the search button and find some videos that can help you with fitness, some channels that help you with time management, and much more. The internet is your friend and you have a big world to explore at your fingertips. A variety of free course apps, online certifications apps, and plenty of others to kill boredom, productively.

Here is our list of the top 10 apps that help you upskill your game. 

  • Lynda

Dive into a plethora of courses with the queen of learning apps. Secure your subscription and open your world to unlimited access to all the courses of your choice!

  • Masterclass- Lessons from the legends 

A pot of gold in the app store! Lessons from the legends from various fields. If you’re looking at learning from the best, this is it!

  • Mimo- Coding for beginners

Mimo offers a range of coding courses from mobile and web development. Mimo’s unique code playground will allow you to experiment with codes and run them for you.

  • Yousician- For music lovers

Behold all music enthusiasts! The app that helps you learn any instrument without an instructor. Looking at learning an instrument like a pro? Try this one for basic lessons and demo guides.

  • Investor 

Interested to explore the stock market? Check out this app, as it can help you understand the ABC’s of investing, business, economics, and finance.

Real help with the whereabouts of your money.

  • Sketch AR

Love drawing/sketching? Tru this app for interesting AR guidelines on almost anything you feel like putting on paper.

Jump right into drawing animals, portraits, and much more.

  • Duolingo 

Kill boredom and learn a new language. Duolingo offers a fun and interactive language learning experience. Get your hands on the app and get going.

  • Mind Tools

Looking at pacing one step ahead in your business? Try Mindtools for a quick course on business management and leadership. 

  • Elevate

Maybe you don’t want to learn anything and just want to keep your brain active, try the Elevate app that helps sharpen your memory, vocab skills, and much more.

  • Coursera

 An online school of sorts, Coursera offers a variety of courses that help you upskill in anything you like.

Try these best apps for learning during this lockdown and apply them to your work life and see your life change into a productive life rather than a lazy one.

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