How does a caffeine nap work

Do you usually take a short nap or drink a cup of strong coffee to feel more energized and alert? Well, here is a new sleep trend that proves the sum is greater than the parts! 

Caffeine nap, also known as a coffee nap, is a siesta under the influence of coffee. It is a short sleep that lasts fifteen to twenty minutes immediately after consuming a cup of coffee. 

In the afternoon, when you are feeling drowsy, but have important work to finish and have only fifteen-odd minutes to spare, brew a cup of coffee for yourself, drink it and take a nap. Make sure you set an alarm for fifteen minutes though or you might oversleep. 

How does a caffeine nap work?

Homeostatic sleep drive and circadian alerting signal regulate our sleepiness, suggests Brandon Peters in very well health while explaining why we feel sleepy. He says that a chemical called adenosine is produced which gets accumulated the longer you stay awake making you feel sleepy. Here’s how: Our body cells use ATP or adenosine triphosphate to get energy. The byproduct of this process of metabolism is adenosine. The longer we stay awake, the more energy is used by our cells, and hence more adenosine is produced. This accumulated adenosine in the brain makes us feel sleepy. 

If accumulated adenosine is what makes us sleepy, then how do we get rid of it? One of the ways of doing that is sleeping. When we sleep at night, and get a good nine hours of sleep, in the morning our accumulated adenosine levels are lowered. This is why we feel awake and alert. Napping in the afternoon also helps reduce the adenosine accumulated throughout the day. To feel more awake and improve your sleep habits, you can up the nap game by introducing a cup of coffee! 

When you drink a cup of coffee before taking your nap, the caffeine will help block the accumulation of adenosine when you wake up. Therefore, you will stay fresh for a longer period after waking up from your afternoon siesta. Caffeine takes some time to kick in, so when you wake up after your fifteen-minute nap, the caffeine will ensure you don’t feel sleepy. 

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