Don’t let your Pillow be a Pain in the Neck! Try this Instead.

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If cervical pain or the literal pain in your neck is causing you great difficulty and discomfort, then maybe it is time to change your pillow. 

A cervical pillow is designed to offer you relief from your chronic neck pain. But before we get into the features of the pillow that might help alleviate your neck pain and give you relief over a period of use, let us first learn a little more about cervical pillows. 

pillow for cervical pain

What is a cervical pillow?

A cervical pillow is optimally created to provide neck pain relief. It keeps your neck naturally aligned during sleep in order to ensure your neck pain is not further aggravated. Since the neck is not bent in any unnatural way, you experience no muscle sprain, and therefore wake up feeling refreshed. 

A cervical pillow is also one that ensures your head is elevated at the right height. It is neither too high nor too low, thus positioning your neck in the perfect alignment. 

Hollow fibre pillow for cervical pain

pillow for cervical pain

What makes hollow fibre a good option for cervical pain? 

A hollow fibre pillow conforms to the shape it comes in contact with. As a result, when you use a hollow fill pillow, it will take the curve of your neck, thus cradling it with great care. As a result, you can bid farewell to your morning neck stiffness. 

The hollow fibre pillows make sure that you receive perfect support during sleep. This means your head, which is heavier than the neck, gets more support. The neck, on the other hand, gets an adequate amount of firmness so that it rests without any strain. A hollow fibre fill pillow, therefore, ensures that your head, neck and shoulders are given the right amount of support they need, thus preventing any kind of strain in the muscles. 

Wakefit sleeping pillow for cervical pain

Wakefit sleeping pillow

Product description:

Pillow feel Fluffy and medium firm
Warranty 3 months manufacturer warranty
Care Light machine wash
Material type 350 GSM Spun polyester fabric
Fill  200 GSM hollow fibre
Weight Approximately 900 grams
Pillow dimensions 27 x 16 inches (68.6 x 40.64 cms)
DIY   Adjust height by removing the hollow fibre fill

With pillows, like with everything else, people have specific prefecrences. While you might enjoy sleeping on a thick pillow, your partner may go for one that is on the thinner side. Keeping this in mind, Wakefit decided to create a pillow that suits all requirements. For this, we picked hollow fibre as our fill to create a pillow that makes you feel like you have your head in the clouds, literally! Wakefit’s Sleeping Pillow gives you that lush comfort and perfect support at an affordable rate, making it one of the best pillows online.

Our Sleeping Pillow is light as a feather and fluffy as a cloud. It breathes beautifully even in the hottest months of Indian Summer. The hollow fibre makes the pillow supremely comfortable for people with neck pain. It offers consistent support across the length of the pillow. Wakefit’s best pillow for cervical pain lasts long, and therefore, comes with a manufacturer warranty of three months. 

The Sleeping Pillow is also ideal for Indian weather. The hollow fibre offers proper air circulation, which means unlike cotton pillows, no lumps will form in it. This circulation of air and moisture also allows you to sleep cool and comfortable even during the harshest summer months. 

The hollow fibre in Wakefit’s Sleeping Pillow adapts to your neck shape when you rest, and aligns your spine in its natural alignment to ensure your neck pain is not aggravated, making it the perfect pillow for neck and shoulder ache. 

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