This Wakefit Product Will Change The Way You Look At Bed Sheets

Fitted Bed Sheet

Fitted bed sheets have altered the way people look at the art of bed-making. Gone are the days of spending many precious morning minutes on making one’s bed, minutes that could be used to sleep a little longer!

What makes fitted bed sheets such a better option compared to flat bed sheets is the former’s design. These sheets come with elastic sewn either on their sides or the four corners making the whole tucking in tucking out process simple and convenient.

Not just that! Since fitted bed sheets remain in place, maintain a flat smooth surface, they make the overall bedding look tidy and neat at all times.

If divorcing a flat bed sheet altogether still seems difficult to you, then you can buy both of these types. While you can use the fitted bed sheet to cover the mattress or the mattress protector, the flat bed sheet can be used as a top sheet to cover the fitted sheet or the blanket.

Wakefit Fitted 180 TC Viscose Bedsheet

Keeping the benefits of fitted bed sheets in mind, Wakefit has designed its Fitted 180 TC Viscose Bedsheet.

The sheets have a soft texture that is gentle to even the most sensitive of skins. The ring spun yarn used to manufacture it gives it a smooth finish. While natural cotton has a rough structure, the yarn used by us has a straight orientation making the final product both soft and smooth.

Even after you have washed the bed sheet multiple times, the material will maintain its softness owing to the natural properties of viscose.

In interviews conducted to understand what customers really want, we found out that while most people appreciate the design of fitted sheets, they were still having difficulty tucking it in. This problem was worse for people with kids who pull out bed sheets and jump on the beds. Because of this, we at Wakefit decided to weave an elastic along the borders of the bed sheet so that tucking it in is a seamless process that takes no effort.

But while keeping the fitted property of the bed sheet in mind, be assured that we have not neglected the prints of the sheets. Our fitted bed sheets come in three beautiful patterns – serene flora, leafy bliss, and dreamy bubbles.

The bed sheet is usually what separates you and the mattress or the mattress protector. Therefore, paying attention to the fabric quality and type becomes crucial. After extensive research on fabric types to find out what suits human body the best, Wakefit decided to go for 100 per cent viscose. Extracted from sap of trees, this fiber not only adapts to the natural environment, but also adjusts to the body temperature of the sleeper.

The natural capillary action of viscose enables it a very high natural moisture absorption factor of 12 to 14 per cent. This gives our bed sheets a great ability to wick sweat away from the body of the sleeper. Due to this feature, our fitted sheets are superior to polyester. Polyester has a moisture absorption factor of 0.4 per cent, and cotton manages only 7 to 8 per cent.

The bed sheets are comfortable sure, but we pride ourselves on their eco-friendliness. The bed sheets only consume 150 liters of water during manufacture, which is drastically less compared to cotton’s 4000 liters.

When printing the bed sheets, the viscose’s capillary action allowed it to absorb color better, which also lowers the chances of it washing off after even several washes.

Your bed sheet should not be something to lose your sleep over, and so, getting yourself Wakefit’s fitted bed sheet will ensure you get the goodnight’s sleep you deserve.