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Why Use White Noise For Sleep?

Sleep is fundamental for our day-by-day wellbeing and by and large prosperity. The absence of a good night’s sleep gives rise to reduced concentration, hindered memory, and an expansion in mishaps because of eased back response time. Now, that you know the importance of sleep, let’s understand how white noise can help you maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

Sleep is necessary for everyone as it can endanger your health, so it’s important to sleep properly. While the genuine reason for rest is still questionable, developing proof recommends that rest gives our minds an opportunity to flush out hurtful poisons that are probably the reason for Alzheimer’s Disease sometime down the road.

A factor that affects sleep greatly but usually gets overlooked is noise.

It is quite obvious then that apart from making sure your bedroom has the perfect aesthetics, best pillows for sleeping, different types of mattresses, comfortable blankets to ensure a restful sleep, you need to also pay attention to the sound environment in your cave. By incorporating white noise for sleep you can create an environment  for sound sleep.

Noise isn’t always a disturbance as most of us believe. White noise sounds, in fact, help you fall asleep.


Today we will be looking at how white noise sounds help in sleep. White noise for sleep effectively cuts other sounds, making it helpful for people who live in loud surroundings.

What is White Noise?

White noise for sleep is a sound that stays consistent through all hearable frequencies. It is this uniformity that creates a masking effect, wiping out other unpleasant noises, such as the barking of a dog or the snore of a partner.

Rain noise, especially when it is consistent during monsoons, acts as white noise too. It mimics all the brilliant properties of white noise, thus helping you sleep better during this time of the year.

White Noise for Sleep: What Researchers Say

According to a study in the Journal of Caring Sciences, coronary patients when exposed to white noise broadcast in their rooms reported better sleep quality than before. The experts suggest that it is because the white noise masked the environmental disruptions that used to disturb the patients’ sleep otherwise.

Another study reported in Frontiers in Neurology showed that healthy people suffering from insomnia responded positively to white noise. 18 of the subjects experienced a 38 percent decrease in sleep latency, that is, the time needed by someone to fall asleep. Furthermore, once they did fall asleep, the subjects claimed that the white noise enhanced their sleep quality too.

White Noise vs Pink Noise

When an individual has a poor sleep quality, he/she resorts to different ways to complete the sleep pattern. As mentioned earlier in our other blogs we resort to sleep tracking devices or  Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. This time we have come up with another method to make you sleep. The solution is simple: to hear some colorful sound while sleeping. Below we have listed down properties between white noise vs pink noise.

Some individuals consider white noise for sleep soothing because of the properties of white noise. White noise is usually the sound that is played at the same intensity all the time. Pink noise is different where higher frequency sounds have lower intensity and lower frequency sounds are higher.

Some examples of white noise for sleep are humming air conditioner, vacuum, radio static as compared to pink noise sounds they have rustling leaves, steady rain, and waves crashing.

Benefits of White Noise

Apart from creating a positive environment, white noise also offers health benefits.

Especially in a hospital. Constant hustle and bustle, doctors talking or hospital staff opening and closing doors can disrupt sleep and negatively impact healing and recovery. A white noise machine can help to cut these sounds, allowing patients to rest and recover.

White noise for sleep aids both sleep onset and sleep maintenance. This is why people today are using white noise machines to induce sleep while others depend on natural sounds like the sound of rain.

Below are a few mentioned benefits of white noise which will be beneficial in one’s life and help fall asleep faster:

1. Allow you to block noise

One of the properties of white noise consists of every hearable frequency, it wipes out the outside noises which disrupt sleep. While recorded music which isn’t white noise can block out noises in the environment that match its frequency, it will be unsuccessful in delivering the same result for sounds that have different frequencies.

2. Helps newborns and toddlers to doze off

Good news, parents! If your newborn takes too long to fall asleep or wakes up almost immediately at the drop of a hat (literally!), then white noise could rescue you.

White noise has a calming effect on babies. You can use them not only for sleep but also as a relaxant during feeding sessions.

So wrap your baby in some warm clothes and sway them side to side while listening to some ambient white noise sounds.

According to some studies, white noise for sleep helps lessen restlessness as well as fussiness among babies. However, make sure your baby is not exposed to the music at loud volumes.

3. For people who are travelling

If you are someone who travels frequently, then it is quite likely that you have trouble falling asleep. White noise could change your sleeping issues.

Hearing these sound while sleeping is beneficial, as it is a noise blocker, and can wipe out the noises present in crowded places, such as airports, trains, buses, etc.

We suggest you download some ambient white noise for sleep, plug in those headphones, and drift into dreamland.

4. Helps In Concentration

According to experts, people with hyperactivity disorder or those with attention deficit can benefit immensely through white noise for sleep therapy.

White noise therapy is said to improve cognitive function, which in turn, improves the individual’s ability to focus better.

Many people are, therefore, using white noise during the day while working to enhance their productivity.

Use White Noise Generator To Ward Off Distractions During Sleep

In case natural ambient sounds like rain or the chirping of crickets aren’t helping you with sleep, to hear white noise for sleep try these white noise apps.

1. White Noise Generator, for Android

This app has a wide variety of white noises to choose from. You can even mix and match noises to create your own tune.

2. White Noise Lite

This white noise apps allows you to mix your sounds, but it also fades the alarm so that you are not jarred out of sleep.

3. White Noise Sleep Sounds HD

The White Noise Sleep Sounds HD has a timer system to fade the audio out once you are asleep. Also, it pauses automatically if you get a call. This is a great advantage if you are using white noise for better concentration during work.

Apart from white noise sounds, individuals should also know how to improve the sound environment of their bedroom and workplace. We hope you will soon see positive results in your sleep as well as in your ability to focusIndividuals should also consider a good sleeping position that mitigates weight on their spine. An unfortunate position can build agony or solidness toward the back, arms, or shoulders, all while adding to bring down quality rest. Hence, it’s best to know which side is best to sleep on to maintain great spine health.

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