Ways to improve sleep when you share your bed

Sharing your bed with the person you love is an experience many couples gush about, and rightly so. It is one of the most intimate expressions of love, and we couldn’t agree more. Also, there are several sleep benefits of sharing your bed with someone. These include a boost in oxytocin levels, reduction in cytokines which are associated with anxiety, and a lowering of stress levels, among other advantages. 

If you too share your bed with someone, then this post is for you. Here we will be discussing ways you can improve your sleep when you share your bed. 

One of the best ways to improve sleep when sharing a bed is to work out the ideal temperature. Usually, partners have temperature-related sleep squabbles, and to put an end to this so that both of you sleep better, go for a temperature that is not too warm and not too cold. Sleep.org suggests that you have two separately folded comforters on each side of the bed in case you get cold at night. 

The next issue can be snoring. If your partner snores through the night, then it can be quite asleep trouble for you, and definitely not romantic! One way to deal with this is to invest in a better pillow, preferably a memory foam one as it will lift your partner’s head slightly so that their air passages are not obstructed and the snoring is controlled. You can check out Wakefit’s sleeping pillow

When sleeping with a partner and wanting to improve your sleep, you have to consider investing in a mattress for couples. A mattress that is designed for couples offers zero partner disturbance. This mattress, with its optimum construction, will ensure that no motion is transferred in the form of waves disturbing the sleepers. It will absorb the movement of one partner when they toss, turn, or slip in and out of bed, and then completely isolate the motion. This will ensure that the other partner is not jostled out of bed. Wakefit’s Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is one such mattress for couples. 

Our ortho mattress not only offers motion separation and zero partner disturbance but also other features that are worth drooling over, literally! The most loved feature, however, is its body contouring property. The mattress by adapting to your body shape will ensure that no pressure points are created in your neck, shoulders, and hips. This mattress will distribute your bodyweight uniformly so that no blood clots or feeling of anxiousness is caused in you. 

Wakefit’s Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is suitable for couples for yet another reason. This mattress will accommodate all kinds of sleeping positions. If you and your partner do not sleep in similar sleeping positions, then you have nothing to worry about, this mattress will offer you both all of its benefits irrespective of which position you sleep in. 

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