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Improving Immunity Through Sleep In the Time of Corona Virus

Taking care of your health is the most important thing to do in the times of coronavirus. Health should be your priority always, yes, but during a global pandemic like the Covid-19 virus, it should be the only thing on your mind. It can be difficult to focus on health when you are feeling this anxiety because it is a time of fear, a time of absolute uncertainty. But in order to fight infectious diseases such as the cover-19 virus, it is necessary to strengthen your immune system. And one proven way to do that is by getting sufficient sleep and quality sleep. Today’s post will help you with everything you need to know and to practice, in order to enhance your immune response. 

How sleep deprivation affects your immune system

Getting comfortable with working through minimum sleep is not something worth bragging about anymore. Today, the world recognizes that sleep deprivation can result in a number of deadly illnesses. This happens because inadequate sleep affects our immune system. There are several studies that inform how sleep deprivation or poor sleep quality can increase one’s chances of getting sick when exposed to a virus. It further negatively influences one’s ability to recover. 

When we sleep, T cell cytokines are released by our immune system. These are proteins that promote good sleep. When we are stressed or when we have an infection, some cytokines are produced by our immune system that is necessary to deal with the inflammation. When you are sleep deprived, there might be a fall in these cytokines. Also, antibodies that fight infections are not produced in adequate quantities when you don’t get good sleep. Therefore, quality sleep is crucial for your immune system to do its job of protecting you from diseases including the covid-19 virus. 

Getting adequate sleep 

To up your sleep game and better your sleep patterns in order to improve your immune system, here are some steps you can try: 

  • Maintain a regular bedtime 
  • Have a bedtime routine in place 
  • Stay away from devices that emit blue light before sleep
  • Steer clear of caffeinated drink and alcohol before you hit the sack 
  • Create a soothing sleep environment that is not cluttered and has calming colors all around 
  • Avoid foods rich in oil and calories before bed 

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Apart from good sleep, you also need to look after your diet, maintain basic hygiene and exercise to ensure your immune system remains strong and fights infectious diseases effectively. The World Health Organization or WHO has suggested that you wash your hands with soap as frequently as possible, maintain a social distance of one meter between you and a person who is sneezing, cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing, and in case you show symptoms of the coronavirus, immediately seek medical assistance. Say no to panic, and yes to these simple tips. 

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