How to turn your study table into WFH unit

WFH study unit with Wakefit

Bought a study table online? Now transform your study desk table into a work from home study table with Wakefit’s study table design & back support cushions. Read more. 

Things to keep in mind when buying a new study table 

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When buying a study table online, you need to make sure that the table is ergonomically designed. An ergonomic table helps you in several ways. Let us skim through a few: 

  •  Takes care of your spine 

An ergonomic table will ensure that your spine is not bent in any unnatural way. By helping you maintain a neutral spine, the ergonomic table will make sure your posture remains straight and healthy. 

How to know if your desk is ergonomic? Sit and work for an hour. Feels uncomfortable and your spine is strained? Time to get a new table! 

  • Gives you enough leg space 

If your legs aren’t happy, then you can’t be cheery too! An ergonomic study table design will offer enough space to your thighs and legs. 

If your knees are cramped up against the drawers, then it is an absolute no-no. 

  • The perfect height 

Your table needs to be at the height of your elbow when you are seated. This will help avoid strain. The laptop/desktop when placed on the working surface of the table must be on eye level for ease of work. 

Ease of work means greater productivity too, by the way. Therefore, more reason for you to invest in an ergonomic study table online. 

Wakefit’s study tables 

Practical, stylish and sturdy, Wakefit’s new range of ergonomic work from home study tables is already a favourite among customers. Why? The features will give you the answer you are looking for! 

Features of Wakefit study tables:

  • Multifunctional 
  • One year manufacturer warranty 
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable 
  • Crafted with best-engineered wood 

Wakefit’s study tables, Sage, Apollo, Athena and Sophia, are all ergonomically designed to give you the best work from home experience. To browse through their individual features and specifications, visit us here

Transform your study table to a WFH unit 

WFH study table

Let us now give you some amazing tips on how you can turn your study table into a WFH unit and give your cent percent at work. 

  • Create space for great things to happen 

Your mind cannot work optimally in a cluttered space. Therefore, strip the table bare first. 

Already feeling lighter? Move on to the next step!

  • Pair your table with a chair 

Get your ergonomic study table the chair of its dreams. 

When paired with an ergonomic chair, your ergonomic table will double its efforts to keep your spine healthy and your posture right.

  • Start filling up your arsenal 

Now that the table is clear and clean, and it has a companion, it is time for you to add your weapons that will help you do your best work. Place your laptop,your printer, your notebooks and other essentials. 

Make sure you don’t clutter the place, but only keep what’s absolutely essential to your work. Things that you need once in a while but not always, can go into the drawer. 

  • Personalize the space 

Add a plant or a souvenir or a lucky charm that will help you stay focussed and happy while working. However, do not over do it. Clutter-free is the key to good work. 

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