List of beauty sleep gifts that are just perfect to be left under the Christmas Tree. Dear Santa, are you listening!

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The last five days of every year brings with it a lot of positivity and optimism for the next year, where all of us look forward to the new experiences and memories that the New Year holds for us. It is an extremely festive mood that surrounds us for these last five days, including big festivals like Christmas and New Year’s. However, one of the main things that excite us about these festivals, apart from the fact that the whole family comes together and we get to meet a lot of our old friends, are the gifts that they bring along with them.

As children, all of us used to write big lists for Santa, which would include stuff like toys, crayons, etc. However, as adults, those lists change a bit. We crave for good sleep and health and mental peace. Well, mental peace is something only we can help ourselves with; however, Santa can help us with the part involving proper sleep and health. So here we bring to you a list of beauty sleep gifts that we would love to see under our Christmas Trees. Santa, we sure hope that you’re listening!

  • Scented Candles: It is a proven fact that good aroma helps people sleep better. They help the mind soothe and make the body calm itself. All of these factors help contribute to better sleep for us. In addition to that, they come in very funky and cool shapes and designs, which also add to the aesthetic of your apartment. Scented candle are also very affordable and inexpensive. Therefore, we think that scented candles would make for a brilliant gift for every adult that craves a sound sleep.

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  • Sleeping Pillows: After that enjoyable Midnight Mass, we are sure that everybody just dreams of their beds and pillows and how much they miss them. Sleeping pillows play a very important role in the experience of perfect sleep for an individual. However, most people do not pay enough attention to the quality of the pillows that they buy. Thus, since even adults love some amount of pampering, we recommend sleeping pillows as a great option for a Christmas Gift. Extremely comfy and affordable sleeping pillows provided by ensure a good night’s sleep for its users and is also highly affordable.

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  • Mattress Protector: Christmas comes with a *lot* of wine and food. However, we wouldn’t want our night of fun to lead to a painful morning of cleaning mattresses for us! So, mattress protectors make for a good gift for Christmas. In case of spilt wine or food, mattress protectors make the cleaning process a lot easier as we would just have to clean the cover instead of the whole mattress. Wakefit comes with its own range of removable mattress covers which are machine friendly as well, making the cleaning process very easy.

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  • Bath Salts: Who would not enjoy a long relaxing bath after the long day of festivities? Do you know what would make the bath a lot more enjoyable? Bath salts! Picture yourself ina warm bath which has been nicely prepared with bath salts and aromatic candles, some soft music and a glass of wine to provide for the relaxing atmosphere. Dreamy, isn’t it? Hence, bath salts make for very good Christmas presents.

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  • Body Pillows: Body pillows make for one of the best Christmas presents that one can get for any adult. Body pillows make for a great gift as they are the absolute solution to a perfect sleep at night. They are also pretty affordable, making it a reasonable gift to get anyone for Christmas. Ah! imagine a 5 foot long body pillow comforting every pressure point in the body.

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  • Memory Foam Mattresses: Mattresses make for the most essential part of the bed. Therefore, having a good and comfortable mattress is a must. So, for this Christmas, you can get your loved ones memory foam mattresses to provide for the ultimate % star holiday feel!

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This Christmas, let’s all decorate those Christmas Trees and go to sleep leaving behind a glass of milk and cookies for Santa, waiting for these gifts, because no matter how old we get, we will still not give up on the hope that Santa *is* real!

We really hope Santa reads this article. We really do.