Is your pillow worsening your neck pain? 5 Keys to Finding Relief


Neck pain is one of the most common problems that cause excruciating discomfort for people. Stiffness in the neck can make moving and work quite painful and difficult. There are times when the pain in your neck travels down to the arm and the back, and can also cause nagging headaches. Though there are many reasons that may lead to neck pain, using the wrong kind of pillow is a prominent one. Sleeping on the wrong pillow will not only cause neck pain but can hamper sleep quality during the night too!

Choosing the right pillow for neck pain is a great way of tackling the problem. Before visiting a doctor or trying out various kinds of medicines for neck pain, try changing the pillow and see if that makes a difference. In most cases, a change in the pillow can alleviate the pain greatly. Various kinds of pillows are available in the market with different heights, softness, and fill-in materials.

pillow for neck pain

Here are 5 ways of choosing the best pillow for neck pain:

  1. Size of the pillow – The size of the pillow is something you must factor in while shopping for one so that you can sleep comfortably and get rid of neck pain at the same time. When choosing the right pillow size, you must take into account your height as well as weight. Bulkier people will need larger pillows and vice versa. Usually, a neck pillow comes in three sizes-small, medium, and large. In case your sleep doesn’t improve with a standard size, you can also get a custom pillow made.
  1. Sleeping position – It is interesting to know that the sleeping position of a person plays a pivotal role in deciding the kind of pillow they should be using. For different sleeping positions, there are different kinds of neck pillows available. There are separate pillow styles for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, side sleepers, etc. Firm pillows are good for side sleepers; while thin and extra soft pillows are needed for back sleepers.
  1. Filling in the pillow – There are different kinds of fillings that are used in the neck support pillow. Water, fiber, down-feather combinations, memory foam are some of the most common combinations used in these pillows. Pressure points are reduced significantly in memory foam pillow as they adjust as per the shape of the head position and body. Again, if someone is allergic or prone to asthma, it is recommended to avoid using feather-based pillows as these might trigger severe allergies.
  1. With neck curve support – If you suffer from neck ache and stiffness, you must consider buying a pillow which offers neck curve support. There are a number of brands that sell pillows that provide neck curve support. The pillow you buy should be able to provide support to the upper part of the neck as well as your back, while lying sidewise or on the back.
  1. Height of the pillow – The height of the pillow can miraculously eliminate neck pain entirely. Some pillows have more height and that can cause strain and stress on the neck muscles. This can happen when the height of the pillow is too low as well. When the neck muscles are under constant stress, you are bound to suffer from a lot of pain and discomfort.

Pillows tend to break down, sag, and even get distorted with regular use. If you suffer from neck pain, you must be watchful about your pillow’s condition. Replace the neck pillow at the earliest if you see signs of wear and tear. If your doctor prescribes some special kind of pillow for neck pain, follow their instructions and buy pillows accordingly. You may also go in for custom-made neck pillows to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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