Warm and super soft, here are the best blankets for winter in India

Printed comforters

To be cosy this Winter, get a plush throw for your bed. Here is everything you need to know about the best blankets for winter in India.

‘Tis the season for slumber! The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Winters is waking up late. Enjoying that extra sleep-time or what we like to call ‘winter winks’ at Wakefit, is the only legit way to spend the winter season. What makes it even better is warm layers of quilts and comforters. 

Printed comforters

We often use blankets, quilts and comforters interchangeably, but are they really the same thing? Knowing the difference between these will help you make the right winter bedding investment. Let us explore each of them and their features in the next section: 


A blanket is a single fabric layer either made of wool or cotton. You might also find a more luxurious variety that is made of fleece. 

A woolen blanket is the most common winter bed throw in Indian households. The best blankets for winter in India are those that offer durability. This is because we Indians love investing in things that last long, firstly because it is cost-effective in the long run, and secondly, we tend to form an attachment and cherish our things. 

But though we love our blankets for their durability and cost-effectiveness, there are few things about them that we shouldn’t ignore. For instance, maintaining a blanket could require you to wash it regularly because it tends to gather dust easily. Therefore, blankets aren’t easy to maintain. One workaround could be that you purchase a blanket cover separately. But in that combined price, you could easily go for a premium comforter that will offer you double the warmth, keep dust away and add the necessary oomph to your bedroom. 


  • Consists of only one layer 
  • Can be used as a top cover for your bed during winters 
  • Takes less space  
  • Easy to store


  • Isn’t hypoallergenic
  • Can be expensive if woolen 


Comforters marry the features of lightness and warmth, something that is very rare in a winter throw. This is mainly because of their construction. Comforters are optimally created to feel as light as a feather while keeping you cosy and snug through the cold winter nights. 

Comforters are usually hypoallergenic, which means that they are a great winter option for those who develop skin or dust allergies. These winter solutions keep dust away from you when you sleep, thus taking care of your respiratory system and your skin. Couple your comforter with a hypoallergenic mattress, and your skin will thank you forever. 

Depending on the material used among other factors, a comforter is considered a fantastic choice for those on a budget. That’s not it, unlike a blanket, a reversible comforter gives you two prints in one, which you can interchangeably use and style your bedroom differently each time.


  • Consists of two layers and insulation filling 
  • Is hypoallergenic 
  • Is cost-effective 
  • Lives long 
  • Offers more warmth than an average blanket 
  • Adds to the style of the bedroom
  • Is easy to maintain


  • Takes more space than a blanket 

You can check out some cozy comforters here. 


Though quilts are thought to be synonymous with blankets, they tend to be heavier and warmer than the latter. This is because they are made of three layers: top, middle and bottom layers. The top and bottom layers are identical as they are both fabric layers. The middle one consists of the insulation fillers, that is wool or cotton or down feathers. 

Quilts like blankets are not as hypoallergenic as comforters and can be hard to store. 


  • Consists of three layers 
  • Available in different prints 
  • Is warmer than an average blanket 


  • Expensive than comforters and blankets 
  • Difficult to maintain
  • Heavier than blankets and comforters

The difference between blankets, comforters, and quilts will help you make a better choice this winter. As it gets colder outside, make a pick and go for what suits your needs the best.