Can’t sleep? Try these scientific tricks for falling asleep


Insomnia plagues millions of people across all age groups, the world over. They can’t sleep at night which leads to various kinds of physical and psychological problems. Productivity and performance of the individual are hampered greatly due to lack of sleep. Since the mind and the body do not get the required sleep, the effect of the same can be seen in the overall well-being of the individual. There are innumerable reasons that might lead to a lack of sleep or sleep deprivation. Medical researchers and professionals have been carrying out various kinds of studies and researches on the subject, and have come up with some scientific tricks which can act as a sleep aid.


Read on to know about some natural sleep aid techniques to deal with insomnia and sleep apnea.

  • Exposure to noise and sound should be avoided – People suffering from troubled sleep require a quiet sleeping environment. In a study conducted in 2016, it was proven that noise was one of the main causes of poor sleep. It affects the quality of sleep as well as the sleep duration. Noise can be isolated with a white noise machine. This helps in minimizing unwanted sounds and noises so that one gets uninterrupted and solid sleep.
  • Wearing comfortable clothes is important – While going to sleep it is important that the ambiance is conducive and promotes sleep. It is also important that you are comfortable when you hit the sack. As per studies, there is a direct correlation between core body temperature and sleep. Insomnia is related to delayed temperature rhythm in the body. Wear no clothes or comfortable sleepwear so that the body temperature is regulated and you can fall asleep quickly and sleep better.
  • Consider the sleeping position – Sleep study reports have shown that people who sleep on their back have greater sleep disorders like lower back pain, sleep apnea,, and they can’t sleep too well. Doctors suggest that these people should try to sleep on their sides. Once you find a good sleeping position, you will doze off as soon as you get into bed.
  • The sleeping surface/mattress is an important thing – Your mattress and pillow might be the culprits that are wrecking your sleep each night. If you can’t sleep properly, it may be time to change your bedding. And, this is seconded by scientific research. This is the reason great emphasis is being laid on the kind of mattress you should choose for your bed. Make slight changes in the mattress and pillow support, and see how it improves your sleep quality. Seek consultation from an expert if you can’t understand what kind of mattress or pillow would be most suitable for you.
  • Turn off all kinds of electronic devices – Several sleep related studies have proved that exposure to smartphones and blue screens before going to sleep hampers sleep drastically. It is, therefore, recommended to switch off all kinds of electronic devices at least 1-2 hours before going to bed to help sleep better.
  • Low light and calming music are great for inducing sleep – People who can’t sleep and have sleep disorders should lower the amount of light in the bedroom as much as possible. Dim all lights and create a dark environment for inducing sleep. You may also play some calming music with a slow rhythm as this helps in boosting the quality of sleep remarkably.
  • Comfortable room temperature is important – When the temperature of your room is way too warm or too cold, it can hamper your sleep. Ensure that the room has an ambient sleep-inducing temperature, which can put your mind and body at rest and allow you to drift into slumber. The right temperature in your bedroom also helps in enhancing digestion, slows heart rate, and helps you sleep faster as well as better.

Try these simple, natural sleep aids and combat the problem of insomnia with ease.

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